Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Celebrity Weight Obsession

Dare I say that Amy Winehouse looks healthier weight wise?

It is good to see Christina Aguilera taking her time to lose the pregnancy pounds. I hope she does it slowly and correctly.

Fantasia Barrino looks like she's lost a few pounds. Looking good and normal.

It's probably just the angle and light, but Kate Moss' face looks kind of poofy.

Thandie Newton shows off her rexi skinny body in an atrocious looking outfit. But, David Schwimmer looks worse with that scarf around his bare neck.

My Fave in Jeans

Once again, Vanessa Hudgens is in jeans. She totally favors the casual look as she should because she's only 18!

I hope for Elizabeth Hurley's son's sake, she remembered to put some pants underneath. : )

Kristin Davis tries to go incognito through the airport after all that naked scandal.

Kristi Yamaguchi's outfit is off for some reason. Maybe tights would have been better?

My Fave: I like the blazer look on Penelope Cruz. Here she is with Javier Bardem. I watched him in No Country for Old Men and he was super creepy in there and I hated the movie!

Hilary Duff Eating Ice Cream

Am I the only one that thinks Hilary Duff is maturing into her looks? She seems comfortable with who she is and wears what she wants without looking like a homeless person...ahem...Olsen twins, that's YOU.

I love the funky necklace with the fedora hat. She looks like she's eating these Asian shaved ice with fruit and condensed milk.

I believe denim cut-offs will be all the rage this summer. What's on Hilary Duff's feet? Are those shoes?

Heidi Klum's Got Legs

How can anybody not like Heidi Klum? She's SO likable. Have you watched her on Project Runway? She's super cute when she says "you're out!"

That's one short dress, Heidi Klum! Maybe she kind of needs a tan though.

Paris Hilton Still With Benji Madden

It cracks me up to see Paris Hilton with white sunglasses. I thought red was all the rage now.

I have no idea what she's wearing here, but her the veins on her feet freak me out.

I never knew Paris Hilton was a smoker.

Signing autographs? If you saw Paris Hilton on the street, would you ask for her autograph?

Paris Hilton continues to look thinner.

Mariska Hargitay is Curvy

For those wondering what a "curvy" woman looks like, look no further. Mariska Hargitay epitomizes it well.

I don't like this outfit though. It doesn't flatter her very well.

MyFave LBD

Still not over being voted as the Unsexiest, Sarah Jessica Parker recently spoke out about it saying that it implied that her husband, Matthew Broderick has bad taste in women. What?!?

Tara Reid actually look really purrrty here.

My Fave: I love the one shoulder look, but I love that Bar Refaeli is the one wearing it. Am I the only one that thinks that she looks way better than Giselle Bundchen? Maybe it's because Bar smiles a lot more....

Brooks Shield looks she got caught doing something she shouldn't be doing...

Donald Trump's wife - Melania Strauss. What do you think she does in her spare time?

I don't know what Nicole Richie's been doing lately, but it's positively working on her. She's totally glowing.

Even though I'm a Rachel McAdams' fan, all I see here is her ginormous forehead.

Kristin Cavallari is Back!

She's been out of the press lately, but Kristin Cavallari still remembers the ultimate red carpet pose.

Kristin Cavallari was out of the limelight for awhile, but she's back looking as thin as usual. I wish she would have let her shirt fall loosely on her instead of tying it into a knot.

She has really bad posture here.

What a cute bikini cover-up.

Debra Messing: People's 50 Most Beautiful

Doesn't it suck to leave your house with curlers in your hair only to have it photographed? Here is one of my fave celebrities - Debra Messing. I wish she would do another TV show. I loved her schizophrenic character on Will and Grace.

Being quick on her feet, she took off the curlers. The real question is what in the world is pinned to her sweater? A corsage?

Gap Ad Shows Some Rexi Skinny Girls

This is the Gap's new ad - which ONE isn't rexi skinny looking? Of course, to be all PC about it, there's one Asian and one African American chick on it.

Britney Spears After "How I Met Your Mother"

Did anybody watch her on HIMYM? I live in Asia now, so I didn't get to watch her. Was she good? From the TV stills, she looked good. And here she is au natural!

I don't understand why it's taking so long for her own hair to grow back out.

Ugly dress, but I love that green purse!