Saturday, September 15, 2007

My Fave Short Dress

I didn't realize Mira Sorvino was not pregnant, so sorry. She does look pretty here in this metallic white dress.

Iman looks great for a woman over 50!

Kelly Brook looks so innocent in this dress!

The slutty housewives - Eva Longoria, Marcia Cross, Felicity Huffman, Teri Hatcher, Nicolette Sheridan.

My Fave: I can't believe I actually like this dress on Eva Longoria, but the placement of the rose is a great accent.

Jennifer Connolly decided to spice up her boring white strapless dress with some ugly Teva-like sandals.

I think Jodie Foster forgot to brush her hair when she left the house.

Lily Allen needs to change her hairstyle. It always looks the same.

Rexi Watch: Lady Victoria Hervey

I have no idea who Lady Victoria Hervey is, but she is looking very rexi here arriving at the MVAs recently.

I hope she sees pictures of herself and do something to change her gross image!

Because We Are Obsessed With Celebrity Weight

Kelly Osbourne looks thinner and prettier here walking her dog.

Reese Witherspoon looks healthier in this picture, but I think it suits her better than the rexi look.

Lose the baby weight slowly, Bridget Moynahan. You got your baby to think about!

Heidi Klum has claimed that she doesn't exercise and will never starve to look super skinny, but she's looking very thin here. Maybe she cave into peer pressure?

Here is Jenny Garth's promo picture for Dancing with the Stars. She definitely looks healthier than her 90210 days, but she's still very pretty. Besides, she'll need it to tango on the dance floor.

Janet Jackson continues to show off her svelte figure.

Kate Winslet looks like a total mom here. I hope she'll continue to promote healthier body image in Hollywood and not succumb to the Hollywood rexi diet.

Maternity Fashion

Halle Berry is finally free to show off her bump! She should be proud to show it to the world because it's not easy getting pregnant over 40!

It's a good thing Nicole Richie is so rexi because even though she's pregnant, she can still wear trendy dresses that are not maternity.

Britney Spears' Lollipop Diet

Is it me or does Britney Spear's cousin Alli Sims looking better here?

Britney Spears probably needs to give up thet lollipops because it's not helping her figure.

Has Hayden Panettiere Lost Some Weight?

Here she is out and about jogging at night looking a lot slimmer than her season one Heroes.

The girl she's jogging with is her new co-star, Kristen Bell. Does she look thinner to you all?

Why do they run with water bottles? That must be so annoying! Perez Hilton (I can't stand him) just wrote on his blog that Hayden is getting really close to her co-star Milo Ventimigalia. As you all know, I wrote about it earlier this past week. I called it!

Hilary Duff Loses Weight Again...

Miss Hilary Duff just returned from touring and here she is out and about shopping. Looks like she's looking skinny again...not rexi yet, but definitely a lot thinner.

Her cheek bones look sunken in.

Are her horse veneers back as well?

Doesn't it lookl like she's wearing pajamas?

Yep, the veneers are back and she's super skinny again.

My Fave In Jeans

My Fave: I love the pigtails and loose shirt with these jeans on Drew Barrymore. I also like that she's not too skinny here.

Mischa Barton wearing the awful "mommy jeans" or if you want to call it the trendy "high-waisted" jeans.

Mena Suvari really needs to grow out her hair because everything she wears is tainted by it.

Natalie Portman looks sporty and casual here and possibly in love?

Rachel Bilson looks like she's got some of her curves back.

I know colored jeans are in right now and Cindy Crawford's green jeans aren't as bad as the others, but's just a little off.

Yes, Courtney Love, we know you lost weight, but must you show us your ugly hip bones?

The beautiful Heidi Klum.

Kate Moss looks like a toothpick here, but I love her silver belt.

Just Because She's Asian

Okay, she's half Chinese and half Dutch, but it's good enough reason to post Kristin Kreuk and eating ice cream no less! What in the world is she wearing? Also, I don't think she's that great of an actress. I have to turn away from the screen sometimes when she's on Smallville because she's so bad.

Celebrity Runner: Matthew McConnahey

If you've seen him run once, you've seen them all. Only a man with a ginormous ego would run shirtless with paparazzi swarming him all the time. I hope he's the only that is sooo into himself. Barf!