Friday, September 14, 2007

Who Made Magazine Covers

Rihanna is everywhere these days. I watched her on the Tyra Banks (she's crazy) show and she seems very down to earth. However, she still can't dance worth a lick!

Who out there likes Sienna Miller?

I'm sure there's not a week that goes by that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are not on a magazine cover. Check out Lauren Conrad on the side losing ten pounds.

This may sound crazy, but Fergie is totally growing on me.

The "movie star" of today - Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Again, not everybody can pull off the blonde hair look. Not even Keyshia Cole.

Even though Lindsay Lohan is in rehab, she is still on magazine covers!

My Fave Casual Dress

Pamela Anderson isn't looking half bad for her age.

My Fave: I love, love this black dress on Reese Witherspoon. Rumor has it that she and Jake Gylenhaal are broken up....AGAIN.

I have no idea what Uma Thurman is wearing here. Is that a wool blanket masquerading as a dress?

Anna Kourkinova famous not for her tennis abilities, but her pretty face.

Ashlee Simpson re-wearing this dress after the VMAs.

What happened to Claudia Schiffer? She was looking healthy lately, but she looks awful thin here.

Demi Moore matching Ashton Kutcher with the under shirt but in a form of a dress instead.

Why is Jessica Biel still dating this arrogrant prick?

You rank your fave, too!

Fashion Watch: Lindsay Lohan

What are they feeding Lindsay Lohan in rehab? She's got some back!

Lindsay Lohan definitely favors the skinny jeans because she probably thinks it flatters her the most. However, I think it only accentuates her big thighs. Young Hollywood starlets probably smoke because it's better than putting food in their mouths.

Tights and a long T-shirt with black flats. Typical outfit.

Those are some high stilettos, Miss Lohan. Don't trip.

Even though she's been rehab (in Utah), she can leave to go outside like she's doing here - heading to the gym.

Fashion Watch: Victoria Beckham

Another plastic day for Victoria Beckham. I didn't think it was possible, but I think she's gotten even thinner. Maybe all the Spice girls are competing again to lose the most weight.

Do you think she's rexi looking or just right?

Fashion Watch: Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens has been dressing very casual lately. She's either photographed going to the gym or hanging out with her little sister (she's very cute by the way). Here she is on her way to the gym. I think it's funny that teenagers work out. Their metabolism is so high that they can practically eat anything and not gain weight. I didn't start running until I was 21 and didn't go on a "diet" until I had my second girl.

Casual and hiding again.

She's putting sweet and low and real sugar into her ice tea. She must like it sweet.

What is she holding in her hands? Is she the new Britney Spears - eating junk food for comfort?

Fashion Watch: Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth loves her skinny jeans. Love that she's wearing the trendy color yellow, but why in the world does she have the red scarf around her neck? To hide a hicky?

Kate Bosworth looks like death on a stick here. That dress completely washes her out. Julianne Moore isn't looking any better with her mu-mu sack and ugly blonde hair.

This dress is a little better, but she's loosing the sparkle in life. Maybe the recent weight loss had something to do with it?

I don't care if high-waisted jeans are back in style, I will NEVER wear it. High-waisted is the trendy term for "mom jeans." You know, those jeans your mom still has from ages ago that she still wears? Her ruffled plaid shirt is okay, I guess. This outfit just screams to me, "I'm hip."

Fashion Watch: Diane Kruger

I'm not sure what the deal is with this outfit, but it looks a little off. She's wearing this fall's trendiest shoe - men's oxford shoes with heels.

Yellow looks good on Diane Kruger, but she looks rather thin.

Fashion Watach: Kelly Ripa

Except for the wrinkles, Kelly Ripa actually looks pretty good here. She's not as rexi as in days past.

This is a picture of her on some promo shoot, but she's wearing this past summer's trendiest dresses: long and flowy.

Fashion Watch: Britney Spears

She looks like a mess here, but her hair doesn't look as bad.

This was taken before the VMAs. As you can see, she prefers to wear low cut spaghetti strap dresses. Actually, it looks like lingerie to me and they are having a pajamas party (see Paris Hilton's dress).

Here is Britney Spears out and about today looking already slimmer. Love the long dress.

Your Daily Dose of Rexi Angelina Jolie

Maybe she's so cold from having zero fat on her body, but Angelina Jolie covers up with a green shawl.

Miss Jolie is not looking good these days. She looks malnourished.

My Fave In Shorts

Ciara darling, you are a celebrity. Dress like one and not like trash!

My Fave: I don't know why I'm totally feeling Fergie's fashion styles lately. It's a little Kate Moss-ish, but it works on her thinner frame.

The matching shorts and top was first made popular by Nicole Richie this summer, but it doesn't look half bad on Helena Christensen.

Julianne Moore, even while you are out walking your dog, you still shouldn't look like crap. And, please dye your hair back to that gorgeous red! The blonde ain't working!

As if Kimberly Stewart doesn't have enough diseases to worry about, she prances about barefeet out and about. America is clean (especially compared to China), but it AIN'T that clean!