Friday, July 6, 2007

Mixed Asian Celebrity: Maggie Q

I live overseas in Asia now and was flipping through the TV one day several years ago. I can't remember a lot of the details, but there was this Asian girl in the show who spoke English while every body else spoke Chinese. Her English, of course, piqued my interest because I was just dying for anything that reminded me of home. Then, Mission Impossible III came out and even though Maggie Q had a small role in the blockbuster, she was in the media a lot. I want to say that the English speaking girl was Maggie Q except that she was 30 pounds heavier and five or seven years younger. I didn't recognize her at first at all the MI3 premiere pictures because 30 pounds does change the way one looks. What do you think? Does losing weight actually make you look different? By the way, do you think Maggie Q has succumbed to the Hollywood trend by losing weight and changing her Asian look to more "American?" She's half Vietnamese half caucasian.

Airport Look: Kelly Clarkson

There are many ways to dress comfortably for flying, and Kelly Clarkson's outfit in this picture is not one of them. I am all for comfort, but a baggy ORANGE T-shirt and plaid hat? With no make-up? Kelly, you are a star. It doesn't matter if you are not a size zero, you are a STAR. Dress like one!

Who to Watch: Shia LaBeof

Here is Shia LaBeof at the MTV TRL on June 26th. I watched him in Holes and thought that he was great in it. I guess I was right because many people are saying the same things. Let's hope he keeps himself out of scandals. He would look so much better if he either let his hair into a 'fro or cut it shorter because the pulled back ponytail does him no justice!

Celebrity Eating: Sharon Stone

Celebrities do eat! Sharon Stone looking much better sans the red wig even though she obviously looks like she's not wearing any make-up.

Fashion Watch: Madonna

What is Madonna wearing? Here she is after yet another work out wearing all green? Really? Two sizes too small argyle sweater over your super long shirt? Come on, Madonna. You are the Queen of Pop. You can do better than plastering yourself all over with green.

Guess the Weight Gainer in Pajamas

Yes! That is Janet Jackson!

I Guess I Was Wrong!?

Jennifer Garner definitely doesn't look pregnant, but some women do not gain weight at all (some even lose weight) in the first trimester. I'm still holding out on it though until I hear that she is definitely not with child.

Fashion Watch: Claire Danes

What is the deal with this checkerboard vest? It makes her look more "V" than her boyfriend. Not feeling it.

Fashion Watch: Kerry Washington

Every time I see new pictures of Kerry Washington, she seems to lose just a couple more pounds. She definitely has lost even more weight from her Ray (movie about the life of Ray Charles starring Jamie Fox) days. I am totally feeling her outfit. Again, Ms. Washington is posing the Hollywood signature stance. Hip on shoulder and puckered lips. Ah...cookie cutter Hollywood!

Weight Gainer: Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt during her Party of Five days. Doesn't it look like Matthew Fox and Scott Wolf still look the same?

Here is Jennifer Love Hewitt recently. She definitely has gained weight since her Party of Five days, but this nautical dress is not doing her any favors.

Who's Who in Magazines

Jessica Alba in British GQ magazine. I still don't understand what the hype is with Jessica. She looks like Eva Longoria, who looks like Eva Mendes....don't they all kind of look the same to you?

I think it's funny that You magazine "reveals Mary Kate Olsen's style secrets" because her sense of style is so atrocious. I'm sorry, but since when did dressing like a bag lady become fashionable?

I guess it's true that Nicole Richie is pregnant. I only hope that her baby with rumored fiance Joel Madden has a chance of a "normal" life.

I love Drew Barrymore. She's been through a lot and I'm so glad to see one child actor growing up healthy and famous and getting over the drug crazy days.

Even though I am totally on "Team Aniston," I totally feel for her. What woman would not have a complex being compared to Angelina Jolie? I know the media totally hyped it up way more than it is in real life, but I can't help but feel bad for Jennifer. I was not always a "Rachel" fan, but after several seasons of Friends, she kind of grew on me. I guess I didn't have much to choose from: Monica and Phoebe just annoyed me. The rumor going around is thatJennifer and her British model boyfriend Paul Sculfor have already ended their short romance. I personally think that she's still hung up on Brad Pitt. I don't imagine it being easy getting over someone like him.

Fashion Watch: Amanda Bynes

I know you are all going to think I'm crazy for saying that I actually like the TV show What I Like About You starring Amanda Bynes and 90120 alum Jennie Garth. Even though Ms. Bynes' acting is the SAME in every show and movie, I still feel like she's refreshingly different from all the other Hollywood "it" girls. She's cute and seems down to earth. When she was interviewed on the View, she said that she likes living at home with her parents because she loves them. Now, isn't that like an oxymoron in Hollywood because every where you turn, daughter is suing mother or vice versa? I like this Top Shop dress by Kate Moss on Ms. Bynes.

Weight Watcher: Hilary Duff

I know that most girls hate it when it's bikini season, but I wonder how celebrities feel. Do they work on their bodies before the big beach vacation or just go with the flow? I am so glad to see that Hilary Duff has kept her weight in check. She's in great shape and has stopped the skeletal skinny days. BTW, why is her sister Haylie covered up?

Celebrity Runner: Brooke Shields

I need to get me one of those double strollers! I also have two girls and would love to be able to take them running with me when my husband travels. Brooke Shields has really grown up since her Blue Lagoon days. She is one muscular woman.