Saturday, July 21, 2007

Celebrity Working Out: Stacy Kiebler

Love it when celebrities keep it real by working out. Stacy Kiebler guzzles some water after a work out.

Weight Watcher: Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock has kept her recent weight loss off and is looking super cute in this all black outfit. Is that a vest she is wearing? Love the trendy blue color heels as her splash of color!

Weight Watcher: Rachel Ray

I'm not a Rachel Ray fan. Have you watched her on her show? She talks too fast and is kind of annoying. Love her or hate her, she's been in the press lately because of her 30 or so pounds of weight gain.

Fashion Watch: Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton forgot that the trendy color is yellow not yellow mixed with orange flowers! Seriously, this dress looks like she pulled the curtains down from somone's 70s home.

Weight Watcher: Pamela Anderson

At the age of 40, Pamela Anderson still looks great! Of course, you have to wonder what's real?! I know she's at some beach function, but that tan skirt adds like 10 pounds to her frame.

Weight Watcher: Katharine McPhee

What do you all think? Has Katharine McPhee gain a few pounds recently? I still think she looks good at this weight. She's a pretty tall girl, so she still manages to look slim.

Trend Alert: Fedora Hats

Here is Jessica Biel trying to dodge the camera as she leaves with Justin Timberlake. What kind of outfit is she wearing? What do you think of the hat trend?

Kate Moss is sporting a black hat with a cute top. Finish this sentence: Kate Moss is crying again because________________________.

Airport Fashion

Here is Kirsten Dunst leaving the London airport. What do you think of her jacket and skinny jeans?

Here is Karina Smirnoff aka Mario Lopez Dancing with the Stars partner at the airport. Which outfit do you prefer when flying?

Fashion Watch: Jessica Alba

Not sure if I like this outfit on Jessica Alba either. What is up with the scarf look? I wonder if they are cold all the time because they don't have enough body fat on them? The boots in the summer is still an odd fashion choice to me...

Fashion Watch: Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones looking classy but chick in this trendy pink color dress. She's one of the most beautiful woman in Hollywood.

Fashion Watch: Amanda Bynes

How cute is Amanda Bynes in this trendy blue color dress. I think this dress will work without the belt as well, but it's a nice touch on Amanda.

My Favorite Magazine: InStyle

I rememeber when I was first into fashion, my friend introduced me to this magazine. I went "ooh and aahh" over the entire magazine. I still think that it's the best fashion magazine out there, but with the surge of internet and a plethera of celebrity gossip and fashion sites, it is sometimes easier to just log on and see what the stars are wearing instead of waiting for the magazine to come out. As a side note, I am beginning to like Mandy Moore again. I watched her recently in Because I Said So and felt like her acting has definitely improved since Chasing Liberty. I couldn't stand her in that movie. My only criticism is that she stand up tall because she was slouching the ENTIRE movie. I can't believe no one told her.

Fashion Watch: Debra Messing

You all know that I heart Debra Messing, but her fashion choices lately have not been living up to her Will 'n Grace days. This dress is two sizes too big and the brown belt adds nothing to bring shape to her body (which looks great). Ms. Messing - bring back the Grace days. You were crazy on the show but at least your sense of style was eccentric and form fitting!

Fashion Watch: Nikki Hilton

Not only has Nikki Hilton been looking great these days with some recent weight loss, but she seems to have gotten her sense of style lately. This cute black top paired with black shorts and some peep-toe heels look absolutely stunning for a night out!

Weight Watcher: Keira Knightley

Looks like Keira Knightley has gained on the needed pounds since her recent skeletal pictures. She looks great at this weight! Not a fan of the bra-less look thoughl.

Fashion Watch: Courtney Cox-Arquette

Every time I see a picture of Courtney Cox-Arquette or Jennifer Aniston, Friends always flashes in my mind. I don't think there has been a show like it since (just like Jerry Seinfeld). Reality TV has completely taken over. Here is Courtney leaving her favorite LA restaurant IL Sole looking super cute with a long brown T-shirt and white pants. Love the long black beaded necklace!

Fashion Watch: Eva Mendes

Yet another way to look cool and summery in your wide-legged jeans. Shirts tucked in are back in, so go and get your belts out of the closet and buckle away! Eva Mendes will also grace the last cover of JANE magazine before it shuts down completely.

Men Struggle With Weight, Too!

I don't know if Billy Bob Thornton ever openly admitted to having an eating disorder, but he had admitted to struggling with his weight. Doen't he look like those models that try to look thinner by sucking in their cheeks? I don't know what Angelina Jolie ever saw in him.

Fashion Watch: Hayden Panettiere

A sweater with short shorts? In the middle of July? I'm not sure what Hayden Panettiere's brother did here to garner her grab, but I'm sure she's just trying to protect him from the entourage of paparazzi now that her shoe Heroes is so popular.

Weight Watcher: Rihanna

Do you think Rihanna has put on a few pounds? Her arms look fuller in the first picture. It could just be the way she's sitting, but she still looks great!

Fashion Watch: Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton may not have any talent, but sometimes she can look pretty...well, how can I say this without implying that I actually like her, she can look all right. That's the highest compliment I can say about a spoiled, rich brat. This dress is actually something I would wear because it is flattering on most body types minus the color.

Weight Watcher: Madonna

I know Madonna is a hyper about her body and stuff, but her arms look absolutely ridiculous! Really - what is going on in there? Do you think she's getting to the scary skinny? Or, is she fine the way she is? I have to wonder if celebrities who rarely eat have the energy to act and sing.

Fashion Watch: Lindsay Lohan

I'm a huge fan of the wide-legged jeans look, but the top is just a little skanky to me. Why do young Hollywood starlets insist on showing so much cleavage? I wish someone would bring back "classy" to Hollywood. As a side news, Lindsay turned herself in after driving with a higher than .08 alcohol level and was released on a $30,000 bail. She is scheduled to appear in court on August 24. I thought she just got out of rehab - is she drinking again? Do you think she should go to jail like Paris Hilton?

Just Because He's Jack Bauer

Okay, so he's really Kiefer Sutherland. If you have never watched '24', I highly recommend this show. Although Season 6 was just okay, it is still a great show! I like his friend's loose dress.

Weight Watcher: Katherine McPhee

For those of you who watched Katharine McPhee while she was on American Idol know that she's lost a lot of weight since (like Carrie Underwood). However, I feel like her weight has stabilized somewhat and she looks great at this weight. I'm also loving the splash of yellow in her heels. I hope that she's happy with the way she looks and not relapse to her bulimic days.

Weight Watcher: Julia Stiles

Julia Stiles is one of those girls that fluctuates somewhat with her weight. In one movie, she's super thin and then she looks totally normal and healthy like she does here leaving an airport. I know most actresses relaxed a little big between movies (like Drew Barrymore), but it must not be good for anybody to have their weight fluctuate that often. What movie stars must go through to get a movie role...I'll never understand.

When You Won't Let Go

The untouched Janice Dickinson

The "worked-up" Janice. She's trying too hard to hold onto her looks. There have been rumors of her going under the knife, but I don't know if it is confirmed. Still, she has a pretty good body for a woman at the age of 52.

Pregnant Bellies Galore!

Isla Fisher (Sasha Cohen's fiancee) and Naomi Watts strolling around with their huge bellies. Naomi is suppose to give birth any time soon while Isla's baby is not due until the fall. They both look pretty big!

Especially Naomi! If you believe in fables, people say that if you carry high like Ms. Watts here, it's most likely a girl and if you carry low - then, yes, it's a boy. My prediction based on this old wive's tale is that Naomi will give Liev Schreiber a little princess to dote on!

Weight Watcher: Heidi Klum

You all know that I'm a huge fan of Heidi Klum, but doesn't it look like she's gained a few in this picture? She still looks fabulous, of course! She's also holding onto the pink color trend purse.

Fashion Watch: Cameron Diaz

With all the different "lbd" lately, I'm happy to see someone with a cute summery white dress. I seriously think that Cameron Diaz has never looked better since breaking up with cocky and rude Justin Timberlake.