Friday, October 5, 2007

Celebrity Weight Obsession

Kate Moss must be resurrecting the waif look of the 90s because her legs look rextremely thin.

Lily Allen, known for her bashing skinny celebrities looks like she's jumping on their bandwagon because she looks thinner.

What do you think? Is Lily Allen thinner or is black really that slimming?

Tyra Banks on the low side of her weight here.

What happened to Val Kilmer?

Brooke Burke is definitely on the rextremely thin side here.

Blake Lively continues to lose even more weight.

Keep losing the weight slowly, Bridge Moynahan.

Claudia Schiffer didn't think she was thin enough, so she wore tight black pants to ensure that everybody can see her rextremely thin legs.

I feel for Kelly Clarkson. Her weight is definitely on the high end here.

Rextremely Thin Watch: Anna Kourkinova

If she would actually eat, Anna Kourkinova might have the energy to be a better tennis player.

You can see bones protruding out.

Please tell this girl she looks awful!

Who's Making Headlines

The usual people - Jennifer Aniston with new love Orlando Bloom? Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and of course, Britney Spears.

Jennifer Aniston and Britney Spears again.

Britney Spears yet again.

No Britney?

Britney Spears again.

No Britney again! Some Brad Pitt with Angelina!

Britney and Angelina and Jennifer!

Fashion Watch: Rachel Bilson

Love in paradise? Actually, I'm not even sure if Rachel Bilson is even dating Hayden Christensen, but their body language says it all.

Love this ensemble. Reminds me of horseback riding for some reason.

Cute way to splash up an outfit by wearing red flats.

My Fave Dress

I don't know what it is about shine and sparkle that turns me off, but Ciara's dress just ain't doing it for me.

Rextremely thin Kyra Sedgwick in a funky white dress. Ali Larter wearing a tattered dress. When is she going to show up on Heroes?

Doesn't Leelee Sobieski look like she's some regal queen or something?

Still don't understand what the big deal is about Giselle Bundchen.

My Fave: Obviously, Geri Haliwell has been working out and she picked the right dress to show it off. Classy without being trashy. I wonder how much more weight she's going to lose.

Brooke Hogan looks bad no matter what she's wearing. I'm embarassed that Sanjaya is from Federal Way, Washington. It's 30 minutes from Seattle, my hometown.

That's a very unlady-like pose Beyonce is strutting.

I'm usually a fan of Cate (what's the deal with Cate starting with the letter "C" anyhow?) Blanchett, but this dress is awful! I also think she's got some kind of eating disorder because she's always so rextremely thin and pale.

Another blonde bombshell who can't act in Hollywood - Heather Graham.

Love Heidi Klum.

Fashion Disasters

This is the woman that supposedly broke up Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe. Abbie Cornish - in an ugly dress. Ryan - what were you thinking?

Can someone please tell me why Dita von Teese gets photographed so much?

Not only has Fran Drescher finally put on some weight, but she's also lost her sense of style.

Again, I ask why is Gwen Stefani a trensetter? Would anyone wear what she's wearing? I can't stand that she's always showing off her tummy. It's like she's saying, "see how good I look after becoming a mommy?"

I know Jennifer Hudson is on the set of Sex and the City, but it still does not excuse her from this monstrosity. Only a few people can pull off this eclectic look and Miss Hudson is not one of them.

Celebrity Runner: Sophia Monk

First of all, Sophia Monk must be a very fast runner. Who wears headphones like those? Secondly, doesn't she have enough money to buy an I-Pod shuffle? Those things weigh like nothing and can clip onto anywhere on your body without a feeling of being jostled. Thirdly, is she actually holding to some kind of a wallet/purse? Lastly, is she eating while jogging? Obviously, she's not a "real" runner.

Fashion Watch: Britney Spears

Her two favorite wardrobe essentials: short shirt dress and those ugly boots.

I wish she would get her act together for the sake of her two boys. This is a lesson for young moms out there. If you're not ready to bear the responsibilities of motherhood, then do not have children!

She obviously feels the need to rebel because she got married and became a mom at such a young age.

Angelina Jolie is Rextremely Thin

Look at her legs. Come on, Brad Pitt! Get her to eat or dump her and go back to Jennifer Aniston! I kid, I kid! But, she does not need to gain some much needed weight.

America's most fascinating family!

We Love Jennifer Aniston... least magazines featuring her loves her according to a Forbes research. Magazines featuring Ms. Aniston sold the most copies! I hope this encourages her.

She's looking a little bit on the rextremely side again. Rumor has it that she's here vacationing with Orlando Bloom. I would have been glad that Jennifer is dating Orlando during the Lord of the Ring days, but he's gotten kind of creepy lately...especially with that ridiculous moustache.

My Fave In Jeans

Even though Naomi Campbell is known to be rude and feisty, you have to give her credit for maintaining her slim figure all these years.

Sophia Bush is one of those few actresses in Hollywood that doesn't yo-yo with her weight and she's not "rextremely thin." Her wide-legged jeans are a little too "bright denim" for me.

Tori Spelling in dark denim with a parking ticket.

Once again, celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens are wearing lingerie outside. Hate the pigtails.

The amazing young looking Demi Moore on a double date with Cameron Diaz and Bradley Cooper? Didn't you totally love him in Alias? Too bad Michael Vartan stole the show.

Jessica Biel in the dumps again with those ugly boots.

I hope Jennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany stay together for a long time. She seems to be at a much healthier weight since being married to him.

Jada Pinkett-Smith annoys me for some reason.

My Fave: I love, love these jeans on Kim Kardashian even though I think it's tacky how she tied the knot on her shirt to show some skin.