Saturday, March 29, 2008

Skinny Gossip Girls' Fashion

Again, I ask, who dresses like Taylor Momsen in high school?

I don't know how much Blake Lively weighs, but she has gotten thinner during Gossip Girl.

You can see Blake Lively's weight loss in her face.

Michelle Trachtenberg took on the role that Mischa Barton turned down to guest star on Gossip Girl. I can't believe Michelle looks heavier than Blake Lively.

I personally don't see the appeal of Michelle Trachtenberg. She reminds me of the nerds in my high school.

Check out Michelle Trachtenberg's shoes. I like Blake Lively's purse.

Melissa Joan Hart With New Baby

I hope Melissa Joan Hart has a happy family life. She recently gave birth to her second son.

They look like a normal young couple taking a stroll around their neighborhood.

This is a cute family photo.

I hope she won't lose her baby weight at an extremely alarming rate.

Fergie Celebrates 33rd Birthday

Fergie celebrated her 33rd birthday with Quentin Tarantino who turned 45.

Anybody else think Fergie is pregnant anymore?

Jamie Lynn Spears Shows Off Baby Bump

I understand why Jamie Lynn Spears wears normal clothes instead of maternity ones because she's only 16. Mom-to-bes who plan to be pregnant can't wait to slip on their first maternity outfit, but those that don't want to be pregnant or are fearful of the weight gain postpone it as long as possible.

Hence, Jamie Lynn Spears wears baggy T-shirts as maternity ones.

Sophie Monk and Kristin Cavallari Working Out

Benji Madden's ex, Sophie Monk working out with Kristin Cavallari. What kind of jean is Kristin wearing?

They both look great and healthy without the rexi skinny look.

I wonder what she thinks of Paris Hilton dating Benji Madden.

Paris Hilton Out and In Istanbul

I don't know why Paris Hilton was asked to be one of the judges for Miss Turkey in Istanbul, but I guess any celebrity is better than none.

I really like her shoes here.

It's definitely better than any shoe she has in her own line. Would you buy Paris Hilton shoes?

Still wearing herself and with Benji Madden.

Paris Hilton is getting the rexi skinny look again.

Paris Hilton trying to do the belly dance, but she ended up just standing there and smiling and TRYING to look sexy.

How many shades of brown does Paris Hilton have on?

Tyra Banks 1st Annual Fiercee Awards Fashion

Crazy and business savvy? Tyra Banks held the first annual Fiercee Awards to honor America's Next Top Model on her show. She looks thinner here, but the dress is an awful choice.

Jade in a ridiculous ruffled dress and an even uglier hairstyle.

Jaslene Gonzales as rexi skinny as ever.

Keenya Hill sucking in to look thinner?

Norelle Van Herk in a dress inspired by Kim Kardashian?

Toccara Jones is a plus size model if you can believe it.

The following three are unnamed because I don't know who they are. This one looks like Kate Walsh.

This one looks like Kelly Rowland.

This one looks like that third girl from Dreamgirls.

Camille McDonald takes floral on the red carpet.

I actually watched CariDee English while she was on ANTM, and I would pick her over Melrose any day, but since her win, her looks have gone awry or something.

Jennifer Lopez Already Skinny?!?

Here is Jennifer Lopez out recently looking great! I don't think she has lost all her baby weight; she just chose the right outfit to hide everything. The crop jacket and longer shirt inside slims her very well. Apparently, she only gained 40-45 pounds with twins. That's amazing. My friend gained 40 pounds and she's only 5'2".

Here are the magazine scans of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony's twins.

That's a small bed for them.

While Jennifer Lopez is positively glowing, Marc Anthony looks like his usual haggard self.

I love their 50s inspired looks. Check out Jennifer Lopez's behind and how her legs are arched so awkwardly.