Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Mexico Vacation Over: Nick Lachey and Vanessa Manillo

Since Nick Lachey's divorce from Jessica Simpson, he continues to be photographed with his new lady love, Vanessa Manillo. A lot of people were on "Team Lachey," but I definitely think that his failed marriage was not only Jessica Simpson's fault. I have only watched small clips of Newlyweds, but it didn't take a genius to see that Nick treated Jessica poorly. He seemed to put her down a lot. Either way, I am still sad that he's not with Jessica anymore.

Sienna Miller Full Body Picture

In my recent post, I wrote that Sienna Miller had gained some weight, but I didn't have a full picture of her. What do you all think? Has she gained?

Fashion Watch: Paris Hilton

I really need to get one of these jumper dresses. I love Paris Hilton's style dress, but I'm not feeling the print. It's nice to see that Paris is keeping herself modest by holding down her dress. She continues to vacation in Hawaii. Do you believe that Paris is reformed?

Fashion Watch: Lindsay Lohan

I have to say that Lindsay Lohan impressed the public recently by having a very low key 21st birthday party at the beach instead of partying it up in a night club. The short jumper summer dress makes its appearance again on another starlet. Go out and get one if the heat is getting to you! Why is she carrying two coffee drinks?

Fashion Watch: Lily Allen

What is it about these poofy bottom dresses that celebrities like? Here is Lily Allen wearing a dress that adds ten pounds to her already "healthier" body. Even the signature "make me look thinner" hands on the waist can't save Miss Allen from this fashion disaster. As a side note, is she wearing a wig? It looks as real as Britney Spears hair.

Fashion Watch: Kelly Rowland

KellyRowland is a very pretty woman. I felt bad for her when she was in Destiny's Child because it was always about Beyonce. Now that she's singing solo, you would think she would wear something cuter than this outfit. I know she's on TRL promoting her new album, and I'm all about dressing trendy to relate to a younger crowd, but what are those things hanging all over her shorts? Those two girls' outfits look way cuter than what Kelly is wearing and to think, they didn't even have a stylist!

Fashion Watch: Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson is sporting the smock strapless long summer dress. In my previous post of Eva Mendes wearing a very similar dress, I wrote that the smock look was very last summer. What do you all think? Is it still in? Since Jessica's weight loss, she has been looking good lately. However, orange is not her best color.

Fashion Watch: Kate Bosworth

It's amazing what a little meat on the bones can do for your image and attitude. Kate Bosworth has been photographed lately looking healthier (I don't want to say healthy because thin girls hate that and because Kate still looks very slim) and happier. I read somewhere recently that thin girls are usually grumpy because they are either very hungry or they are thinking about food all the time. Here is Kate again looking fabulous except that her dress looks like it got blown off her chest.

Fashion Watch: Hayden Panettiere

Is green the new trendy color for the summer? First Rose McGowan and now Hayden! This dress would look so much cuter if it was ironed!

Celebrity Runway Look: Fergie

Who wears it better? I personally think the model is rocking this dress because Fergie completely botched up the cute dress with that sweater shawl thing. What do you all think?

Confused in Fashion: Avril Lavigne

Have you ever watched Avril Lavigne in an interview? She sounds so arrogant and cocky and that's the reason why I can't stand her. However, I do think that she is a talented singer. Regarding her fashion, she reminds me a lot of the girl that just doesn't know who she is in high school. She is struggling with her identity. I think that's why Avril is on both ends of the spectrum (classy and beautiful) and punk rock (goth and scary). Her fashion choices gives you an idea on where she is at in her journey of self-discovery. Ever since she was criticized for veering off from her normal punk rock look for her wedding (June 24, 2005) to Deryck Whibley (lead singer/guitarist for the punk rock band Sum 41) she has been trying channel her inner punk rock self again as seen her in a recent photo of her in Germany.

Spice Girls to Go On Victoria's Diet?

Spice Girls Then: Doesn't Victoria look so much more human?

I know that Victoria Beckham looks the way she does because of a lot of help. I mean, who looks like that? Every time she is written about regarding her skeletal frame, she claims that she just eats really healthily. Um...I don't think so. Now, she wants the rest of the Spice Girls' to go on her diet of 200 sit-ups a day and eating endamame soy beans, strawberries, and lettuce. If this rumor is true, I hope Victoria realizes that consuming only these products is the first sure sign of an eating disorder. I am all about eating healthy to lose weight, but to be this restrictive is ludicrous. The sad thing is that most people who go on a restrictive diet become even more consumed with food and end up gaining the weight back and then some once they resume their old eating habits. What do you think? Do they need to lose weight?

Trend Alert: Braided Hair

Is this the new way to wear your hair for the summer? I'n not sure if the trend is new, but Jessica Simpson and Lindsay Lohan's braided hair gives it a little lift for the hot summer sun.

"The Girl From Harry Potter": Emma Watson

Emma Watson before the transformation.

Emma Watson is actually not fond to be known as "the girl from Harry Potter," but we all know her as Hermoine. I actually haven't seen any of the Harry Potter movies or read any of J.K. Rowling's books on it. Here is Emma Watson through the years. Emma is 17 years old. I wish her agent, parents, and stylist would dress her like a 17 year old instead of some 37 year old has-been. Stay young, Emma. You have many more years ahead of you. By then, hopefully you won't be dressing like a 17 year old.

Say It Isn't So! Hilary Duff and Brody Jenner

Hilary Duff with Brody Jenner

Hilary Duff hanging out with sister Haylie

What is up with Hollywood dating? It seems like they just swap partners every couple of months. Here is Hilary Duff on a recent outing (along with sister Haylie) with reality TV star Brody Jenner ( who dated Nicole Richie for a short period of time who is now dating Hilary's ex Joel Madden). I guess Cameron Diaz was right when she recently said in an interview that "celebrities are like the popular kids in school." High school or not, it is ridiculous how often they fall in and out of "love" with each other.

Weight Watcher: Ashley Tisdale

Ashley Tisdale with co-star Brenda Song

Ashley Tisdale is riding on the success of High School Musical. Here she is recently frolicking on the beach in Hawaii with dancer boyfriend Jared Murillo (not pictured). I haven't watched HSM, but I remember Ms. Tisdale being a little heavier in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Granted, she was several years younger. Ashley turned 22 on July 2. What do you think of her now?

Confirmed Pregnancy: Christina Aguilera

I don't know why celebrity pregnancy is so fascinating, but we will be able to watch Christina Aguilera's "baby bump" grow. Congratulations!

Nicole Richie Pregnant?!?

The word is that Nicole Richie is three months pregnant and keeping herself under the radar at boyfriend Joel Madden's house. Wow. If it really is true, then I am truly baffled!

Weight Gainer: Lauren Conrad

Is reality TV taking over in America? It seem like most celebrities today come out of reality TV. Lauren Conrad is best known for her role in the MTV reality series Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County and The Hills, the latter of which earned her a Teen Choice Award in 2006.
If I had to choose between her and Kristin Cavallari, I guess L.C. would be a slightly better choice. She looks like she's gained some weight recently and the skinny jeans are not helping her to look thin.

Liv Tyler Turns 30!

A birthday is a time to celebrate the day you came into this world. Liv Tyler (born July 1) looks like she is attending a funeral in this all black outfit, but she still looks uniquely beautiful. Happy Birthday, Liv!

Fashion Watch: Rose McGowan

I know Rose McGowan is kind of crazy, but I am totally loving this dress. The length and style is totally cute! I wonder if they have this in yellow!

Weight Gainer: Sienna Miller

I'm sorry I don't have a full picture of Sienna Miller, but you can clearly see that she's recently gained some weight. Her face speaks for itself.

Fashion Watch: Katherine Heigel

I know all you Grey's Anatomy fans are going to call me crazy, but I can't get into this show. None of the characters on this show are very endearing with the exception of Patrick Dempsey. I guess I fell for him when I saw him in Can't Buy Me Love in junior high. Katherine Heigel has been very vocal about the recent scandal between Isaiah Washington and T.R. Knight. She has also expressed her displeasure with her pay and the lack of accolades she receives on the show. For "McDreamy's" sake, I hope the show continues to be a success. I'm not sure why I like this dress (because it is very similar to what Cameron Diaz wore a couple of days ago), but it works on her.