Thursday, March 13, 2008

Celebrity Weight Obsession

Besides looking like she got attacked by a raccoon, Kate Moss looks as skinny as ever.

Milla Jovovich is losing her baby weight the slow way. She looks good.

Nikki Hilton has denied that she's anorexic, but this photo paints a different picture.

Has Taylor Swift always been this thin?

It looks like Tara Reid has gained back some of the weight she lost while she was in Australia.

It's probably the angle, but Beyonce looks like she's gained even more weight (with the beautiful Gabrielle Union).

Maybe Courtney Cox Arquette is looking rexi skinny these days because her show, Dirt isn't doing so well.

Ivanka Trump surprises me sometimes. She's looking skinny here but not rexi.

You can't tell if Jennifer Love Hewitt has gained or lost weight here, but she's only in the press because of her weight.

Julianne Moore looks like she's lost a few.

Lindsay Lohan In Tights?!?

Shocker, I know. Lindsay Lohan adds a little spunk to her signature tights look with a head band and some unlaced shoes. How original!

Jennifer Aniston on Movie Set

I am loving the bangs on Jennifer Aniston. I hope her new movies will be a hit at the box office.

I never tire of the plaid shirt and ripped jean shorts look. She looks to be on the lower end of her weight.

I'm not a fan of Owen Wilson (his movies are all so crass), but I will watch this one just becaue of Jennifer Aniston.

Eva Mendes Out of Rehab

Have you noticed that Eva Mendes has been "hiding" behind her shades since leaving rehab?

She looks like a dazed Pocahontas here.

When in doubt, shop, of course!

Mischa Barton Gains A Little

I think anybody wearing this outfit would look like they instantly gained five pounds let alone skinny Mischa Barton.

For someone who has a pear shaped body, Mischa Barton hides it well.

Is Mischa Barton going for the dull librarian look here?

You can tell that Mischa Barton has gained a little based on these pictures. Her arms look bigger as well as her mid-section.

Is Kate Bosworth Rexi Skinny Again?!?

According to this picture, I would concur that Kate Bosworth has lapsed back to the rexi-skinny frame. Cute dress.

Kate Bosworth doesn't look quite as rexi-skinny here as a bridesmaid for a friend.

Rachel Bilson and Her Red Ray Bans

Rachel Bilson looks a lot healthier here weight wise and super cute with the RB.

I'm not feeling her leather jacket.

Rihanna's Style

These jeans on Rihanna has got to be the ugliest ones I've seen in a long while.

The scarf is overtaking Rihanna.

Why does Rihanna insist on wearing skanky clothes like this to perform? Oh, wait. She doesn't dance anyway.

Is she a gladiator here? Jessica Alba looks thrilled to be photographed.

Kim Kardashian Shows Off

Kim Kardashian is one of those celebrities that knows how to work her curves to her advantage.

She usually chooses clothese that manage to make her look slimmer than she really is.

But, not this one. Maybe Kim Kardashian gained a few pounds recently?

She's totally working the vest look here.

Lauren Conrad Gains a Few; Launches Line

You can tell that Lauren Conrad has gained a few here, but she still looks pretty cute.

Lauren Conrad looks a little like Ashlee Simpson here (on right).

I hope Lauren Conrad likes her weight here because I personally think she looks great (on left).

I'm not a fan of the vest look, however.

With Whitney preparing her fashion show.

I adore this dress on Lauren Conrad.

Reese Witherspoon Likes Black, Too!

I have to confess that I didn't use to like Reese Witherspoon very much, but she's slowly growing on me.

I like that she tries to stay out of her press and every interview I read of/about her, she seems to be really down to earth.

I honestly believe that she tried everything to keep her marriage to Ryan Phillippe.

It's also great to see that Reese Witherspoon is not longer rexi skinny.

Fashion Watch: Victoria Beckham

I love how Victoria Beckham looks so dressed up to pick up her son while the rest of the world is casual.

You can really see how rexi skinny Victoria Beckham is when she's "casual."

Skinny people really like to show off how skinny they are!

Is it natural for her to be this rexi skinny when she openly admits to not working out? If you see pictures of her before she became Mrs. David Beckham, she had some meat on her.

Celebrity Maternity Fashion

Some pregnant look good with tight fitting clothes, but Jessica Alba is not one of them. Even in all black, she looks bloated.

Even if you are not pregnant, you can still wear this dress. Tori Spelling looks like she's not gaining very much weight with her second pregnancy.

That's So Raven Symone!

I get that Raven Symone embraces her "curves," but why would she choose to wear a shirt as a dress? I actually have one like it without the print and I wear it with jeans!