Saturday, October 6, 2007

Celebrity Weight Obsession

Good to see Amy Winehouse putting something in her. She's gaining weight in the stomache area.

Looks like Courtney Love has achieved her weight goal and then some of 125 pounds.

Janet Jackson is looking glam here. She's set to write a book about her yo-yo weight.

I'm putting Kerry Washington on the rextremely thin watch. Every new picture I see of her is thinner than the last.

Why is Michelle Williams a celebrity? Look at her face. If you look only at her face, it seems like she's gained a few but she's thin everywhere else.

Celebrity Runner: Reese Witherspoon

If anybody out there wants to know how to stay in shape, they should run like Reese Witherspoon. I probably prefer to run in tights because I don't like to feel something against my legs as I run.

Magazine Covers

Keri Russell reveals how she maintains her stunning look.

Alexandra Ambrosio graces this magazine.

I can't stand Anne Hathaway.

You have to admit that no one has beauty as unique as Angelina Jolie.

I had to do a double take on this picture because it looks nothing like Alicia Keys.

Jennifer Lopez before the twins.

My Fave LBD

I'm not a huge fan of anything that even remotely resembles furs, so Sarah Michelle Gellar LBD is a nay for me. It also adds ten pounds to her thin frame.

What is it with huge roses on celebrity shoulders? Cate Blanchet is usually flawless when it comes to fashion, but this LBD is a definite nay!

Kim Kardashian slims her assets down a tad in this black shirt dress.

Mira Sorvino wearing the trendy pocket dresses right now. Again, it's for looks not to put your hands into!

My Fave: I like that she spiced up a boring dress with a nude color belt. She looks like she's back to her rextremely thin self.

Boring and plain LBD on Rebecca Gayheart. She's also looking rextremely thin.

Fashion Watch: Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner is everywhere these days promoting her new movie. I like the print of this dress.

I also like this one. It reminds me of old Hollywood glamour.

My Fave In Jeans

Looks like Kate Middleton is back together with Prince William and causing quite a paparazzi chase. She kinda reminds me of Princess Diana. Classy yet trendy.

My Fave: Minka Kelly in casual white top and denim on a date with new love John Mayer. Love the brown belt. Layering look is on its way out. A clean cut look with shirts tucked in and a nice belt is the way to go this Autumn.

Dark denim is looking good on Ms. Reese Witherspoon.

When is Vanessa Hudgens NOT in jeans? Miley Cyrus looks like a 14 year old.

Now that's a purse to go with denim jeans Claire Danes.

Maybe Justin Timberlake just loves those boots that Jessica Biel is always wearing. Have you noticed how she doesn't know to match her clothes?

Not feeling Courtey Cox's white top. The tie on the side looks weird.

Jessica Alba gives the old white T-shirt and jeans a splash with a fun necklace. I'm surprised she's not wearing a scarf.

Check out Kate Bosworth's flats. They are funky!

Another way to jazz up white and denim. Kate Hudson adds it with a colorful and thin scarf.

Fashion Watch: Katherine Heigl

I have been liking Katherine Heigl's fashion ensembles. Must be the Emmy win giving her inspiration.

Love the wide-legged jeans with this pink polo shirt. By the way, I left my knock-off Miss Sixty wide-legged jeans in my hotel recently. I'm pretty bummed, but I can go pick up another one at the silk market for $8USD.

Hilary Duff In Ugly Shades

She's on a movie set or something, but what is the deal with swimming in a T-shirt? And how ugly are those shades?

I'm still a fan though.

Fashion Watch: Gwyneth Paltrow

Here's a face that we haven't seen in awhile. She looks about the same as always. Check out her shoes. They are very trendy for the fall. Get them in bright colors, too!

She really needs to do something with her hair. Maybe she has the case of "stuckitis" - where you are "stuck" in your rut of fashion or hairstyle.

I'm actually quite surprised that she's been married to Coldplay's Chris Martin for as long as she's been.

Fashion Disasters

I have no idea what Madonna is wearing here, but she looks like a hot mess. Are those patches on her pants? What kind of purse is she holding?

It's Juliette Lews. Enough said.

Nelly Furtado! What in the world was she thinking when she put this ensemble together? It would have been better without the gold bra. Or wear her dress backwards.

I have no idea what Uma Thurman is wearing here. Is she borrowing a sweater from her date to keep warm over her dress? Either way, she supposedly drove over a paparazo's foot on her way out of the parking lot. Ouch!

Britney Spears Needs To Stay Home

I understand her need to want to live life to the fullest, but she should just stay home and veg for awhile. Obviously, she will be photographed wherever she goes.

Here she is causing another ruckus while shopping. She bought that hat and leather jacket and wore it right away. Cute shoes.

Olsen Twin Fashion

There is something seriously wrong with the Olsen Twins. Something is off with their faces or something.

See what I mean? I wonder how tall their parents are because they are short!

The Bush Women Fashion

Barbara and Jenna Bush - they are fraternal twins.

First Lady Laura Bush looks kind of funny standing here with Jenna.

Barbara Bush has lost some weight.

Sex and the City Fashion: Sarah Jessica Parker

Those are some ugly pants with even uglier green shoes.

Am I the only one that thinks that Sarah Jessica Parker is not so good looking?

Enough said. She should get rid of that bump/mole/zit thing on her chin.

She's lost a lot of weight recently since being back on the movie set.

She looks kind of bored here.

I would have expected a better looking wedding dress on Carrie Bradshaw. The wings on her chest and the gathered look on the bottom is ugly.

Again, what's with the V chest line?

Dark hair looks awful on her.