Saturday, July 14, 2007

Fashion Watch: Tara Reid

You ever wonder how A-listers become D-listers? Just watch the life of Tara Reid and you will understand why. I never watched her in American Pie, but she was pretty hot for awhile. Then the partying began, the drunk pictures, and the nip slips and fashion disasters and you have the Tara Reid today. And this outfit she's wearing does not help her in any way to get back on the A-list.

Weight Watcher: Thandie Newton

Thandie Newton is a very beautiful woman. Her mom is Zimbabwian and dad is Caucasian. Mixed people are usually so good looking, don't you think? She's on the set of Guy Richie's new movie RocknRolla in London. She seems to be on the too thin side to me. What do you all think? Just right or go and eat a hamburger?

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Which look do you prefer her in? She's wearing that smock long dress in the last picture. I guess it is the new trend for this summer.

Trend Alert: Ruffles

I have never been a huge Carmen Electra fan, but here she is sporting a darker shade of hair and a cute short dress. Ruffles are totally in right now.

Weight Watcher: Sienna Miller

How do these celebrities do it? Gain 5-10 pounds here and there and then lose it so quickly. Whatever weight Sienna Miller gained recently is clearly gone because she still manages to look slim in a vertically striped dress.

Favorite Ugly: America Ferrera

I watched the whole season of 'Ugly Betty' on DVD recently and totally fell in love with the show. When it first came out, I would catch snippets of it here and there, but there were too many other shows that vied for my attention. America Ferrera plays Betty Suarez, an awkward, overweight, fashion-challenged Latino girl working at the number one fashion magazine company. The story line works well and the characters are totally endearing instead of annoying. My favorite is Mark, the gay assistant to Vanessa Williams character, Wilheima Slater. Then, I watched 'The Devil Wears Prada' and it totally reminded me of 'Ugly Betty.' I realize that the show came after the movie, but it is so similar except for the whole Latino thing. What do you all think?

Fashion Watch: Reese Witherspoon

This must be the offical celebrity summer wear because I did a post on Cameron Diaz several weeks ago and she was wearing something very similar to what Reese Witherspoon is donning here. Loose white shirt. Check. Light denim jeans. Check. Cute sandals. Check. Hair tied back. Check. Look no further for summer inspiration. As a side note, Ms. Witherspoon looks like she has gained some weight recently. She looks great. Just saying.

Some People Never Change...

This picture speaks for itself. Paris Hilton has repeatedly said that prison time has changed her, but I have to wonder what changes she's referring to. Isn't advertising yourself on your T-shirt a little ridiculous?

The Dress Says It All....

There have been several pictures of Jennifer Garner lately that is convincing me that she is not with child, and then I come across this one. Doesn't she look like she's trying to hide something? By the way, little Violet is so cute. This dress is really cute!

Fashion Watch: Wide-Legged Pants

You can't really tell what Katie Holmes is wearing, but those are actually plaid pants. I am totally into the wide-legged look because if you pair it with a fitted top like Ms. Holmes is doing, it is very flattering. The plaid, however is a little over the top, but it works. Am I the only one that thinks little Suri looks like Tom?

We know that stripes have been in for awhile and that the navy blue/white stripes and the whole nautical theme has been consistently worn by celebrities, but this outfit on Gwen Stefani is a good way to dress down the look. I think her pants are wide-legged sweat pants.

Will It Last?

Hey, I believe in "happily ever after" as much as the next girl, but Eva Longoria doesn't strike me as someone who is in it for the long haul. I guess time will tell...

Bowl Cut: Christina Ricci

Christina Ricci strikes me as someone who is eccentric. I'm not really sure why, but she doesn't seem to fit into the Hollywood cookie-cutter mold except for her weight. She seems to go fluctuate as much as the next starlet. She looks pretty good here for her weight. Not too skinny but definitely fit and healthy. Now if we can only lose that bowl haircut...

Fashion Flash

Anne Hathaway looking quite on the down low with Ray Ban large sunglasses. She said in a recent interview that she is tired of the "good girl image" and went on to say some pretty crude things about other actresses. She will grace the cover of the upcoming issue of Marie Claire. I just watched 'The Devil Wears Prada' last night and I have to admit that it reminded me a lot of 'Ugly Betty.' Do you all know anything about the did ABC get the rights to the show? I'd love to know.

For all you model fans out there, here is a snapshot of Adrianna Lima looking very sleek in a shiny trench coat. I'm not a big fan of hers because she looks pretty plain to me.

Must be love for Miss Ashlee Simpson because she's seen here still holding onto Pete Wentz' hands. Looks like she's gained some weight here. If you want to give your outfit a splash of color, accessorize with some colored shoes like what Ashlee is doing here with some red flats.

Fashion Disaster #5 million on Britney Spears. I know she's a young mom, but this outfit is still horrendous. Whenever she's on the lower end of her weight, she tends to flaunt her body in the outfit she chooses.

Weight Loser: Courtney Love looks like she's lost some weight recently. She's sporting the Kate Moss look by wearing that vest.