Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Walking Skeleton Alert: Kate Moss

Kate Moss has been doing so well lately especially after her recent coke scandal. Ms. Moss looks freakishly skeletal here. Perhaps she's not eating because her boyfriend Pete Doherty cheated on her?

Long Summer Dress: Kate Beckinsale

If you are looking for a summer dress that is one step up from the day to night time look, Kate Beckinsale does it right in this flowy, spaghetti strap black dress. You can dress it up more with heels or keep it casual like Ms. Beckinsale with flats. She looks like she's in great shape.

Fashion Disasters: Sarah Michelle Gellar

Sarah Michelle Gellar is no longer a vampire slayer, but she is slaying me with her fashion choices lately. I would not be walking around in a martian outfit and a garbag bag if I just lost a couple of pounds.

Two Styles: Kate Hudson

Which style do you prefer Kate Hudson? Down to earth or yellow glamour? I can't believe she gained 80 pounds during her pregnancy. And, I can't believe she lost it all in four months by sticking to a 1500 calories a day and working out for three hours a day with a personal trainer. She looks great! Blondes look great in yellow!

Weight Gainer: Scarlet Johansen

I don't know what the big deal about Scarlet Johansen is. I couldn't even finish watching Lost in Translation because I was so annoyed by her. She also made me not like the movie A Good Company even though I am a Topher Grace fan. Here is recent picture of her in an ill-fitted outfit that shows some visible weight gain.

Weight Watcher: Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan spent her 21st birthday in a small gathering with some friends and family. I'm not sure why Calum Best, her new boy toy is still in the picture, but she really needs to get rid of him fast. Do you think Lindsay has gained some weight? By the way, what kind of wedges are those?

Weight Loser: Joss Stone

Joss Stone

Joss Stone at the 2007 Much Music Awards

Joss Stone at The Concert for Diana this past weekend.

It really must be hard to be a celebrity. You are always in the limelight and being criticized for something. As with all celebrities that begin their career with a little meat on their bones, Joss Stone is the latest singer to lose weight. She looks different at a lighter weight. What do you all think? Does losing weight cause you to change your look?

Another Skinny Jessica Simpson Picture

What do you think of Jessica Simpson's skinny look?

Fashion Watch: Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel probably has one of the hottest body in Hollywood right now. She's slim but very toned. Her curves are in all the right places. Which is why I am so puzzled as to why she would choose this dress to show all her assets off. No matter how hot your body may be, a dress that hugs your chest in this way does not flatter anyone. On a side note, have you dumped your cocky boyfriend, Justin Timberlake yet?

Fashion Watch: Debra Messing

You can't really see the length of Debra Messing's dress in this picture, but she is donning the summer trend of really long dresses. I like the cut and print of the dress even though I think the cut is a little low in the chest area to be wearing it to Mariska Hargitay's son, August's, first birthday party. I don't know why I like her. She just seems like a nice lady. I know most of you will probably say that she gained some weight, but I think it is just the camera angle and her weird, fake smile.

Fashion Watch: Claire Danes

This jacket that Claire Danes is wearing looks like __________________. Fill in your own blank.

Fashion Watch: Britney Spears

I have to confess that at first glance, this dress looked pretty cute. Then, I saw who was wearing it and how she was wearing it. Lose the black wig, ugly brown boots (she seems to wear these boots with every outfit), and odd looking aviator shades and this dress might just have a chance to look cute. By the way, doesn't Britney Spears look thinner in this picture?

Celebrity Working Out: Lindsay Lohan

It must be nice to be a celebrity sometimes. Party all the time, get addicted to drugs and alcohol, and then enter rehab. At rehab, take time out to go shopping, visit with friends, attend birthday parties, and exercise. Now, that's life! I'm kidding, I'm kidding! Whatever opinion you may have of the celebrity trend to enter rehab after mishaps, here is Lindsay Lohan pictured again out of rehab and it looks like she's exercising. At least she's dressed like she's going to work out. By the way, Miss Lohan turns 21 today.

Weight Loser: Elisha Cuthbert

I am always amazed at how fast celebrities gain and lose weight. I just did a post on Elisha Cuthbert and it looked like she had gained weight. Whatever weight she had is now clearly gone. This dress would be so much cuter if it wasn't outlined by the black hems

Weight Watcher: Jessica Simpson

Whatever Jessica Simpson is doing lately is definitely working. She looks great. You can see her weight loss clearly in her legs.

Yellow Dress: Eva Longoria

Here is Eva Longoria just a couple more days away from her lucky 7-7-07 wedding. Celebrities are wearing yellow everywhere. This dress looks great on her because she is super thin, but it will probably not flatter most body types. Still don't like her.

Is She Or Isn't She? Christina Aguilera

First of all, this all white jumpsuit is very difficult to wear. Christina Aguilera actually doesn't look that bad in this outfit, but it definitely shows some protrusion in her stomache area. Which begs us to ask, is she pregnant or not? I guess time will tell.

Fashion Watch: Ashlee Simpson

I think Ashlee Simpson has abandoned her sister Jessica's look. She's back to being in her weird outfits. Perhaps dating Pete Wentz has influenced her sense of style? I'm not feeling the all black outfit with the knee high socks. Ashlee, since you went under the knife, you are looking much better. Show it off!