Friday, June 29, 2007

Weight Loser: Rachel Weiz

I am so impressed with how Hollywood moms are losing their baby weight. I know that they have personal trainers, etc. but one still must have self-control to go work out with their trainers and refrain from snacking all day. Rachel Weiz looks like she lost the baby weight and then some.

Weight & Fashion Watcher: Kim Kardashian

I know, I know. Who is Kim Kardashian you ask? Actually, I don't really know either except that she is friends with Paris Hilton. Celebrities love to wear this velour "suit." I got one just like it from my mother-in-law four years ago. Are they still in? I almost gave mine away as I was packing things (we are moving to another city), but decided that I would keep it. I, however will not be wearing it any time soon. On the weight issue, doesn't it look like this poor girl's weight is noticeable in one area?

Weight Watcher: Lily Allen

I don't know much about this girl except that for awhile, every time I turned on MTV, she was featured. I know that she's British and is a singer. She was recently quoted as saying that she wants to create clothes for "normal" people unlike her British counterpart, Kate Moss who designs clothes for the size zeroes. I think it's funny that celebrities who bash the size zero trend start losing weight and soon become a size zero themselves. Lily Allen is not there...yet. She does look slimmer here than in recent photos.

Fashion Watch: Sienna Miller

I can't stand Sienna Miller. I have never watched her in any films, but she just seem to emit rudeness and arrogance in her demeaner. I also don't respect how she handled the whole affair with Jude Law (he cheated on her with his nanny). She dumped him, forgave him, then dumped him again, and get the picture. However, her fashion choices have taken a lot of notice from the public. She is supposedly a trendsetter. I personally don't see it. This outfit speaks for itself (she's wearing her own line twenty8twenty or something like that).

Grade: D-

Weight Watcher: Rihanna

I've done several posts on Rihanna lately. I don't think I've ever heard any of her music, but she's getting a lot of press lately due to her weight loss and rumored links to Beyonce's man, Jay-Z. She definitely looks thinner here but looks near perfection in this white dress.

Fashion Watch: Rachel Bilson

I never got into watching the O.C. I feel like I've already experienced high school and once was enough. Plus, none of the cast of characters really intrigued me. I knew from the start that Mischa Barton was "rotten" (nickname a lot of paparazzi give her). She just seems too stuck on herself. And, I was right. That girl got fired! (rumored) Anyway, here is Rachel in a white camisole and long flowy skirt. I'm not feeling this outfit. She's too short to be wearing this length of skirt. Even though she's thin, this look dwarfs her somehow. Rachel, stick to lengths that go above the knee. They seem to flatter you the most. On a side note, you look like you could use a double-cheeseburger. Trust me, they taste good.

Grade: C

Weight Watcher: Carrie Underwood

Of all American Idol winners, Carrie Underwood has definitely been the most popular. She's a great singer and carries herself pretty well. I didn't watch her while she was on AI but have seen pictures of her. She has definitely lost weight since her AI days. If I had to guess, I would probably say she lost about 30 pounds. Since then, she has fluctuated about 5-10 pounds here and there. She is definitely on the heavier side here but still very pretty. Once again, her beauty doesn't stand out because I can think of several girls from my high school that kind of look like her.

Fashion Watch: Kristen Bell

Once again, another celebrity wearing yellow! I have only watched Kristen Bell a couple of times in her TV series "Veronica Mars" and thought once again, she's cute but she could very well be one of the blond chicks from my high school. I do like the dress, however. It's very summery.

Grade: B+

Weight Watcher: Catherine Zeta-Jones

I love Catherine Zeta-Jones. I think she has that classic beauty look that screams "movie star." Her beauty isn't something you can say that "oh, she looks like...." because it just stands out. Unlike Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, Christina Aguilera, who most likely resemble some blonde chick in your high school. However, I have to say that Catherine is not aging well. Either that or that weight gain has changed her look completely. Or maybe it's just old age. Still love you, Catherine!

Fashion Watch: Cameron Diaz

If you are looking for a cute summer outfit, look no further! Cameron Diaz pulls it off in perfection. I am loving the white shirt look with a splash of color underneath. The light jeans with the silver flip-flops finish the look well. Even the ponytail works well with this outfit. Only thing that kind of looks off to me is the necklace. It is too dark and draws too much attention to it instead of her pretty face.

Grade: A

Fashion Watch: Jennifer Garner

Have you noticed that whenever Jennifer Garner is not pictured at a movie premier or Hollywood event that she just looks so "normal?" What makes her especially like one of us is her choice of clothing. I wonder what she would like if she picked her own dress and put her own make up at a Hollywood event. I am only guessing, but she strikes me as someone who is a) she doesn't care what she looks like or b) she really doesn't know how to dress herself. She reminds me of some friends that are still "stuck" in the 80s literally from their make-up or to their choice of clothing. The purple cap-sleeve shirt with the denim mini skirt and those ugly shades are just screaming, "I'm stuck in the 80s!"
Grade: C (would be an A if were still in the 80s - now I understand the 80s are back with a vengeance, but it's all in the accessories).

Weight Watcher: Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson takes me back to my junior high school dances. I can still hear "Control" in my head as scan across the room to where all the guys are standing. The girls on my side are just trying to fit in and hoping for someone to ask them to dance. Ah...the nostalgia of it all. Back to the Janet Jackson today. Don't get me wrong. She looks great. She lost weight pretty fast last year when the paparzzi shot pictures of her at the beach. She did look like she had gained a lot of weight. However, she looks like she gained some weight in this picture. Maybe in the arms and face?

The Rumor is True! Spice Girls Reunite!

Oops...I guess the rumors are true! They announced today that they are reuniting and have already started recorded "vocal" for their tour. What do you think? Victoria Beckham "Posh" Spice cracks me up. Look at her pose. She's trying so hard to set herself apart. Why does she always dress the way she does? And what in the world is Gerri wearing?

Fashion Watch: Mary Kate Olsen

I loved watching "Full House" in middle school. It was one of those shows that just made me you think that this world isn't all that bad. I mean, here it is, three single bachelors taking care of three girls and raising them pretty well. How bad could the world be? But, I always thought that Michelle (the youngest daughter) was rather odd looking. Here she is at age 21 looking almost the same (she may have grown a couple of inches) in last year's gladiator sandals. She is, however wearing her trademark potato sack. Her once again scowl puts her in the negative point category.

Grade: D-

Celebrity Working Out: Gerri Halliwell

I was never a fan of the Spice Girls, but there has been recent rumors about a possible Spice Girls reunion. Perhaps that is why Gerri Halliwell is working out? And "Scary" spice lost all her baby weight after only two months? Whatever the case, Gerri looks like she is in great shape. But, what is up with the extra long shirt and long pants look?

Hilary Duff in Shape Magazine

Hilary's weight doesn't seem to fluctuate as much as Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton's, but when she does gain some weight, it is noticed by the paparazzi. Here she is in a photoshoot for the upcoming issue of Shape Magazine. She looks great!

Weight Watcher: Paris Hilton

Just a couple of days ago, Paris Hilton left prison looking like she had gained some weight in prison. Today, she is trying to leave for Hawaii donning a black wig and a big straw hat. I don't know if it's because of the sack of cloth that she is wearing or not, but she looks like she has already lost some weight. It is most noticeable in her face. She looks rather gaunt.

Weight Watcher: Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams was my favorite character in "Mean Girls." She just made me laugh so much while she was muching on those "granola" bars that was supposedly helping her to lose weight. And, she played the mean, popular girl very well. I am sure we all know of a girl like her in our high school. In this picture, she looks to be about the same weight as the character in "Mean Girls," but she did lose a lot of weight shortly thereafter. She looks good at this weight

One More Scarf Celebrity: Jessica Alba

Here it is yet again. Celebrities wearing a scarf in the summer. What do you think of this trend?

Weight Watcher: Kate Bosworth

I am not a huge fan of Kate Bosworth's (because her acting is only okay to me), but I am glad to see that she has some meat on her bones lately. I still think that her body in "Blue Crush" was best, but it is nice to see that she's not a walking skeleton lately. I am guessing it has something to do with her current boyfriend (can't remember his name). I'm sure Orlando is wondering to himself why he couldn't get her to eat while they were dating.

FEED ME! Angelina Jolie

Sorry, I couldn't resist. I don't care what she is saying in her interviews. She really needs to eat some food. She is looking more and more skeletal every day. I think she is probably one of the most beautiful women in the world, but with an extra 10-15 pounds she would look so much hotter.