Thursday, February 14, 2008

Celebrity Weight Obsession

Madonna recently showed up with a wrinkle free face and the same toned and fit body on the red carpet. Can you believe this woman is almost 50?

Whoah! What happened to Sarah Michelle Gellar Prinze? She looks like she got attacked by the rexi queen.

I am impressed that Ashanti has lost even more weight after she crashed dieted with fasting, but why does it look like she forgot to take our her curlers?

Bar Rafaeli used to be rail thin, but she looks like she's got some curves here!

Isla Fischer showing off her post-baby body!

Jaime Pressly skinny in skinny jeans.

Kate Hudson is starting the pregnancy rumors again with this dress and bangs look. After she gave birth to son Ryder (who is 4 now), she was sporting this look. But, who's the dad? What's the matter with Hollywood these days? Everybody is pregnant and unmarried!

Love or Hate Lindsay Lohan's Dress?

I can't help but hink of CDs when I look at her dress. My vote is a nay on Lindsay Lohan's dress. Her dark hair is a vast improvement! What do you think?

Hilary Duff Thinner?!?

I'm confused about Hilary Duff's weight. In this picture, she looks to have lost some weight. Her legs and arms look a lot thinner.

This picture shows that she's about average here. What do you all think? Same? She seems to be wearing the same jeans. Maybe it's the top that is making it appear as though she's gained some weight in the bottom picture?

Mandy Moore Healthy Looking

I know a lot of people hate being labeled healthy because it just means that they are not rexi thin, but it is good to see Mandy Moore at a healthy weight and maintaining it. Her weight used to fluctuate in the past, but she's stabled out at this weight. I personally think she looks great. Her posture, however...

That's a ginormous purse, Mandy!

Random Fashion Post

Now this is the way to wear tights. Jaime Pressly can teach Lindsay Lohan a thing or two.

I hope Debra Messing is dressed this way for a movie role because she looks kinda stiff.

I love how Marcia Cross is dressed as if she has no time to really take care of herself instead of a big celebrity.

I'm not a fan of women in suits ever especially tall amazon ones like Uma Thurman.

Why is Rachel Bilson dressed like the 80s?

Amanda Bynes, what in the world are you wearing? Sarah Michelle Gellar Prinze - please eat something.

Where's Alex P. Keaton? Family Ties reunion.

Cindy Crawford reminds me of Heidi Klum in this outfit.

Is Hayden Pantierre Chinese now?

Besides the shoes, Mary Kate Olsen in her normal attire.

Fashion Watch: Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay "Leggings" Lohan does it again. I personally think that she looks good in leggings. It's comfortable and slimming.

See? You put her in jeans and it's like she's gained ten pounds overnight! : )

I think this is a coat she's wearing.

Her sister looks a lot older here with those glasses.

She's in between takes for her new music video.

What's not to love about her leggings?

I would never own a LV purse. I think it's tacky to have the insignia all over the purse. It kinda screams "I'm rich enough to own one."

My Fave In Jeans

Ellen Pompeo is back to being ultra thin but not scary yet. Love the boots.

Kim Kardashian's top is so 80s.

Yellow has in for awhile, but Kim Kardashian takes it to a casual level as the new leading lady for Bongos jeans. Cute purse.

Selma Blair (on right) is wearing some funky top that looks like it's from the 70s with her skinny jeans.

Jessica Simpson has been wearing really baggy clothes to hide her thinner body.

Isn't there a cuter hat to wear to cover your face, Ashley Judd?

Another day for the Affleck family.

Katherine Heigl broke her new year's resolution by lighting up a ciggy.

My Fave: My mother used to own this shirt, but Katie Holmes is probably my new favorite fashionista. She's got style.