Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Thandie Newton Still Rexi?

When the bones are jutting out like that, rexi is probably somewhere in there.

She claims that she no longer suffers from bulimia, but Thandie Newton remains rexi thin.

Beyonce Knowles Gains Weight

It looks like Beyonce has gained a few pounds. I think she still looks great though. I don't think the rexi look is good on her. Maybe it's the tight shirt and ugly high waisted shorts that adds the extra weight. She's still very beautiful.

Fashion Disasters

When the clothes that you wear is ugly, should you still be designing clothes? Nikki Hilton's dress looks like the tailor ran out of the same black material and decided to add some funky lace to it.

When you are short as Mary-Kate Olsen, you shouldn't wear a scarf that envelopes your whole body. And those gladiator shoes are so last season and extremely ugly.

I feel extremely bad for men because their fashion choices are so limited especially in comparison to women, but Tommy Lee should not try to dress like a woman by wearing capris, or should I say "manpris?"

The Olsen twins have a bad case of uglyshoeities because this pair of shoes on Ashley Olsen is almost as ugly as Mary-Kate's gladiator sandals.

While Amy Winehouse looks a few pounds heavier here, she shouldn't walk out the door with her pillow cases and sheets wrapped around her rexi body.

What's a disaster post without Britney Spears? I think what she's wearing is supposed to be a skirt.

Cheryl Hines dress is actually okay untilyou look closely and you see the ugly turquoise ties in the middle of her body.

Jordana Brewster takes the "handkerchief" look to a whole new level.

My Fave Dress

Naomi Campbell goes a little over the top with this dress and tiara.

While this dress is a step up from the bag lady look, Ashley Olsen is still basically wearing a bag with prettier fabric.

Michelle Yeoh (left) wears runway look as seen on Giselle Bundchen. Although they book look pretty, the dress is just plain ugly. Giselle also looks like she needs a hamburger and some sun.

My Fave: Norah Jones and Rosario Dawson wear the same style dress in different colors. Love this dress. Miss Jones is looking quite thin here.

Ashley Tisdale tries to look sexy with that stupid smirk.

Cute dress on Jenny McCarthy. She looks pretty thin as well.

I don't know why Kim Kardashian repeatedly picks dresses that hug her huge asset, but she really needs to stop. Her friend, however looks super cute!

Matt Damon continues to promote Bourne Ultimatum with wife Luciano dressed to the nines.

I'm actually shocked that Mariah Carey is covered and looks decent in this dress.

Mischa Barton Adds A Few Pounds With Ruffles

First of all, her outfit is atrocious. Secondly, she needs to get rid of the dark hair ASAP. It completely washes her out. Thirdly, while those ruffles are trendy right now, she shouldn't wear it on her arms. It adds pounds to already added weight gain. Lastly, get rif of those cut-offs!

Is Keira Knightley Rexi?

These bikini pictures of Keira Knightley show that she isn't as rexi as the previous post of her. I don't understand why she's mad at the reports of her looking super skinny. All she has to do is eat!

While these pictures as rexi as before, she still looks very slim. I couldn't stand her in Pirates because her lips were in this permanent pouty position.

And why would she wear this ugly dress?

Fashion Watch: Vanessa Hudgens

Cute mod dress! Not sure about her hair being styled this way.

Love the bold print on this strapless and long dress.

Tights are still everywhere whether you like it or not. Vanessa should have left the belt off. It would have looked cuter.

She's everywhere these days! What do you all think of her? Like or not?