Saturday, September 22, 2007

Vision in White

Claudia Schiffer is perfecting her rexi look by choosing to wear this dress. If you still manage to look rextremely thin in white, then something must be wrong.

What in the world does Melania Trump see in this guy?

Will Christina Ricci never let go of the bowl cut?

Kate Beckinsale matches white with khaki shoes.

Ali Larter looks tres chic here. Is that Ashanti in red? She looks like she's lost a lot of weight since the VMAs.

Where has Anna Paquin been hiding?

Courtney Love doesn't look half bad here sans the ugly dress.

My Fave In Jeans

Looking super chic, Jessica Biel walks her dog.

Tara Reid is getting thinner and thinner.

Is this the beginning of Vanessa Hudgens' trainwreck?

Megan Fox and her green shoes go for a walk with Brian Austin Green.

Ali Larter mix and matches in her outfit. Grey jeans are so ugly.

Britney Spears totes son around to get sympathy? Those are some ugly clogs.

My Fave: I'm still on the wide-legged jeans kick, so Katherine Heigl (as annoying as she is) wearing them automatically endears me to them. Love the splash of red!

Natalie Portman tries to let us know that she's just a normal girl by sporting an unkempt plaid shirt and a ponytail.

Teen Vogue Fashion

Jamie-Lyn Spears looks cute and sweet in this funky print dress. Let's hope she keeps it that way.

Why would Hayden Panetierre, an 18 year old dress like a 35 year old woman at a Teen event?

Emile de Ravin is prim and proper.

Emmy Rossum looks like the Prom Queen.

What's the deal with Hilary Duff wearing a handkerchief as a shirt?

The Willis girls - Scout and Tallulah. I feel for celebrity children.

Tallulah Willis who is 13 years old and Frances Bean Kobain (daughter of Courtney Love and Kurt Kobain) is 15 years old. Can they be any more different?

Maternity Fashion: Nicole Richie

She's really pregnant y'all!

I don't understand why women need to tan their belly area.

I see she's still rocking the head scarf.

It's sweet that Joel Madden is taking such good care of her.

My Fave Dress

Paris Hilton loves to shine wherever she goes!

Suck it in, Leelee Sobieski!

Lauren Conrad and her Hills posse.

If Kate Walsh crossed her legs any more, she would probably topple over.

Jena Malone gets washed out by her dress.

The ever shrinking Joss Stone.

I'm not used to Leanne Rhymes looking so adult.

Even though Tara Reid is all covered up, something is still a little off.

Dang, I know big floral prints are in, but does Sarah Jessica Parker have to wear it literally on her shoulder?

Wearing tiger prints isn't very elegant even if it is Catherine Zeta-Jones.

That's a whole lot of glitter on Petra Nemcova.

My Fave: This is the way to shine - Jessica Alba looks stunning.

Jennifer Garner is a vision in red.

Fashion Watch: Hilary Duff

I have no idea what Hilary Duff is wearing, but she's supposedly wearing some designer label. One word - ugh!

Her boyfriend bought her a car for her 20th birthday! Ridiculous!

My Fave In Jeans

I don't know why Lisa Kurdrow chose to wear jeans to the Chanel shingdig, but she's looking old!

Alexis Beidel (who dated Milo V. for three years - what's his deal with dating much younger women?) is one of those women that has that rare beauty look.

Love Jessica Alba's jeans, but the cropped jacket on her little rexi body is not a good look.

Still smiling, Vanessa Hudgens breezes through the airport.

Shania Twain, the woman that brought sexy to country music frolics in an 80s looking pair of jeans.

Kate Moss in her skinny jeans.

Even though you can't see her face, that's Julia Roberts on the far right. Where has she been?

My Fave: I really like the classic button down shirt tucked into jeans with belt look on Rachel Bilson.

Cute and casual, Heidi Klum.

Scary and taseteless, Brooke Hogan.

Lauren Conrad would have looked so much better with black boots.

Jamie Lynn Spears wore this outfit to see Justin Timberlake in concert.