Thursday, December 6, 2007

Fashion Watch: Katie Holmes

Even though I think Katie Holmes' bob/bang haircut is cute, it's a little weird to get your haircut to look like your daughter.

I'm surprised that Katie Holmes is wearing this ski attire. There are way more prettier and tighter ski outfits this one.

She's looking quite thin here.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Is A Size 2

I'm sure everyone in the blogosphere world has seen Jennifer Love Hewitt in her bikini by now, but she has since said that she's "being a size 2 is not fat." Is this woman delusional? Either that or her stylist cut out all her clothes and put a size 2 on it. There is no way she's a size 2.

She may be able to fit into a size 2 top, but she's got to be at least a 8 (more like a 10) on the bottom.

She unfortunately has a "pear size" body, so she will always be "bottom heavy." What do you all think? Is she a size 2?

Has Beyonce Knowles Gained Even More?

By now, we've all seen pictures of her in that hideous and tight green dress. Here she is out and about with a few extra pounds especially around her thighs.

Again, choosing the correct outfit can slim you down. She looks a lot thinner here because she's accentuating her waist which is the smallest part of her body.

How do celebrities keep their white coats so white?

Rextremely Thin Watch: Thandie Newton

Nothing new here in the land of Rextremely Thin celebrities. Thandie Newton still looks "scary skinny" to me.

She looks so much prettier when she smiles instead of that pout look she always does (see above picture). Can't say the same about the dress she has on.

Fashion Watch: Olsen Twins

I'm not feeling the tight skirt with short leather jacket look on Ashley Olsen or her pose.

If I have to pick a favorite Olsen, it would be Ashley.

Mary-Kate, on the other hand almost always looks like a bag lady or a poor college student as seen here.