Monday, September 24, 2007

My Fave In Jeans

Either Cameron Diaz is trying to outbuff her ex's new girlfriend or she's just trying out a new look, but she is looking super fit!

Not a good shirt on Ivana Trump. I'm sorta confused with her weight. One minute she's rextremely thin the next she's healthy looking.

My Fave: I feel like I almost always like whatever Kate Moss "throws" together.

Love the wide-legged formal jeans on Kate Walsh, but what's with the smirk?

Meg Ryan looks haggard and torn out.

Celebrity Weight Obsession

Besides the obvious ugly outfit, Rihanna looks healthier here. She was looking "rextremely thin" lately.

Any weight that Hilary Duff lost while on tour has thankfully been gained back. I think she looks great with a healthier weight.

Jennifer Love Hewitt looks good without make-up and sweat pants. It's hard to tell if she's lost any more weight since the Emmys, but her face is pretty thin.

What is Paris Hilton wearing? I think this is the perfect weight for Paris Hilton, but we know she fluctuates often...

"Rextremely thin" Kate Moss.

Adopting African Babies Trend

I'm sure Mary Louise Parker is telling her some reporter on her cell phone, "For the last time, I did not copy Angelina Jolie by adopting an African baby!"

Fashion Skirts

I've been looking for skirts to wear and I find that Claudia Schiffer's skirt is so last season. BTW, doesn't she look "rextremely thin" to you?

The short and tight mini skirt is back with a vengeance because Ginnifer Goodwin is wearing at the Chanel shindig.

The resurrector of the tight mini-skirt: Mary-Kate Olsen.

I'm confused about Tori Spelling's skirt. Does it actually have zippers and pockets?

Movie Set Fashion Watch: Jennifer Aniston

Look at her beautiful hair!

I'm so glad she's acting again. I do find it hilarious that she's in all these movies that depict her life?

These pants aren't very flaterring.

Fashion Watch: Gwen Stefani

Weird hat. Check. Weird shoes. Check. Weird shirt. Check. Yep, that's Gwen Stefani all right!

"Look everybody! I got my slammin' bod' back and I'm going to wear every mid-drift shirt I can find even if I have to cut them off myself!"

See picture number one.

Fashion Watch: Lindsay Lohan

I think it's so tacky when celebrities communicate through their clothing. I don't believe for a second that Lindsay Lohan doens't want anyone to "follow" her. She's obsessed with herself.

Utah must be a cool place to hang out in the summer because Lindsay Lohan looks like she's relaxed and clean.

I hope she will stop her partying ways and focus more on her career. I want to like her again, but she needs more humility and a brain to remember to take off the price tags on her shoes.

Glad to see that rehab is feeding her well because she looks healthy and fit. I wouldn't necessarily wear those tights myself, but it's Lindsay Lohan...

Fashion in Tights

Ashley Olsen sports her usual pout in tights and a huge feather purse.

I'm not sure what Kimberly Stewart is wearing on the top, but she looks like she's about to go to sleep. Check out her funky shoes.

Sophia Monk dating the other Madden brother, Benji. She looks healthier. Maybe Nicole Richie is rubbing off on her.

I secretly hope that Britney Spears will get her act together.

Maternity Bikini Watch: Nicole Richie

Again, I ask: why show the bare belly?

It is good to see her put on some weight. I hope she's not freaking out with each pound gained. I knew a girl that was super thin that cried and cried because she was gaining so much weight while pregnant. And another girl that was afraid to gain weight during pregnancy, so she only ate carrot sticks. She only gained 19 pounds. That's very low. The average weight to gain is between 25-30 pounds even though I gained around 40 pounds!

Will You Watch Major Movie Star?

What do you think of the new old Jessica Simpson?

Jessica Simpson sure has been working hard to lose weight and making her new movie, Major Movie Star. Will you go watch it?

I wonder what is happening in this scene. Jessica does look pretty though despite the weird facial expression.

Who's On The Cover Of Magazines

Can you believe this is Katherine Heigl? She kinda looks like Charlize Theron to me.

Heroes Ali Larter is everywhere these days. I am actually a fan of hers and even more so now that she says that she doesn't "take exercising too seriously."

Why is Keira Knightley popular? She is so cocky and annoying.

Finally, supermodel Giselle Bundchen graces the cover of a magazine.

This isn't a magazine, but it is a calendar of Madonna.

Heroes Kristen Bell, Hayden Panetierre, and Ali Larter. One more annoying girl to the show.

Judy Reyes is photoshopped big time. She's no this thin in real life.

Fashion Watch In Pants

Are those leather skinny pants that Ashley Olsen is wearing? Love her heels.

Not feeling Kate Bosworth's baggy outfit.

Skinny pants are still the rage, I guess because Carmen Electra is wearing it and showing off her new tat.

Where does Katherine Heigl get all her funky sweaters? I want one!

Rachel Hunter totally looks their sister instead of mother.

My Fave Dress

I wonder if the supermodels today look at Cindy Crawford and think that she's too old to be dressed like them.

My Fave: Christine Lakin (she played the tomboy in Step by Step) grew up to be so cute!

Mariah Carey rocking a slimmer body in a purple dress.

Why in the world is Mary Louise Parker not rushing to get a tan because she looks like death!

I really want to know Pamela Anderson's secret to staying so fit.