Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Celebrity Runner: Sheryl Crow

I am an avid runner. In fact, the first race I entered was a marathon. I don't know why I never did it before, but after the marathon, I've continued to run my "long" runs. I live overseas now, so I can't enter any more marathons. I guess I could enter run marathons overseas, but it's just not the same. I've also noticed that running has become a trend in the last decade or so not just with us regular people, but also a lot of celebrities. Since I enjoy running so much, I am going to post all the celebrities that like to run. Just for fun, here is the list of 26 famous people that have run marathons:

1) Meredith Baxter, New York City Marathon, 4:08:30. She was the mom on Family Ties.

2) William Baldwin, New York City Marathon, 3:24:29. Famous brother Alec.

3) Anthony Edwards, Chicago Marathon, 3:55:40. Doctor on ER.

4) David James Elliot, Boston Marathon, 4:57:23. On JAG.

5) Will Ferrell, Boston Marathon, 3:56:12. Funny guy from SNL famous for cheerleading skit.

6) Mario Lopez, Boston Marathon, 5:41:41. Saved by the Bell.

7) Joan Van Ark, Santa Ana 1979, 3:35:00. She was some chick on Knots Landing.

8) Peter Weller, New York City Marathon, 3:51:26. Robocop.

9) Freddie Prinze, Jr., LA Marathon, 5:50:49. Teen pop star, married to Buffy.

10) Danni Boatwright, Nashville Country Music Marathon, 4:23:24. Winner Survivor: Guatemala.

11) Lisa Ling, Boston Marathon, 4:34:18. Formerly on The View.

12) Oprah Winfrey, Marine Corps Marathon, 4:29:20. Richest celebrity/TV personality.

13) P. Diddy (Sean Combs), New York City Marathon, 4:14:54. Musician.

14) David Lee Roth, New York City Marathon, 6:04:43. Former lead singer of Van Halen.

15) Bjorn Ulvaeus, Stockholm Marathon, 3:23:54. Former bandmate of Abba.

16) Lance Armstrong, New York City Marathon, 2:59:36. Famous cyclist.

17) Kerri Strug, Houston Marathon, 4:12:06. Gymnast.

18) Lynn Swann, NYC Marathon, 4:26:21. Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver.

19) George W. Bush, Houston Marathon, 3:44:52. 43rd and current President.

20) Michael Dukakis, Boston Marathon, 3:31:00. Governor of Massachusetts.

21) John Edwards, Marine Corps Marathon, 3:30:18. Former US Senator.

22) Al Gore, Marine Corps Marathon, 4:58:25. Former Vice President.

23) Mikulas Dzurinda, Malokarpatsky, 2:54:57. Prime Minister of Slovakia.

24) Kim Alexis, NYC Marathon, 3:52:00. Model.

25) Ali Landry, Boston Marathon, 5:41:41. Model.

26) Vanessa Carlton, NYC Marathon, 3:56:20. Singer.

That's it. Not a bad list. I ran mine in 3:46:26. I was six minutes over to qualify for the Boston that year. If you are not a runner, any time really is a good time because the completion of a marathon is pretty amazing in itself, but a time under four hours is pretty good. A time that qualifies you for the Boston Marathon is even better.


Weight Loser: Star Jones

I hesitated putting her in here since her weight loss was most likely attributed to surgery (she has never publicly admitted to this), but she has kept and maintained her weight. For that, she deserves a post on the Weight Loser.

Weight Loser: Fergie

This will be a part of my blog: watching the weight fluctuations of celebrities. Fergie aka Stacy Ferguson's weight does not fluctuate as much as Lindsay Lohan or Jessica Simpson, but she is definitely on thin side right now. What do you all think?