Sunday, August 26, 2007

Fashion Disasters

I don't know what Jessica Biel is wearing, but it looks like she rolled out of bed, pulled her hair back, put on some tights and a big T-shirt, and her boyfriend's big sweater. Her second disaster is holding onto the hand of Justin Timberlake. Come on, Jessica. You are an upcoming movie star. Dump this egotistical loser!

Naomi Watts tries to hide her nursing breasts with this ill-fitting dress. I understand she just had a baby, but she doesn't need to hide behind them.

Joss Stone has changed so much since she first became popular. She's lost a lot of weight, her sense of originality and now her sense of style. America is a clean country (especially compared to China), but floors still have germs. Put some shoes on!

If you have something to say, just say it. Heidi Montag stretchese her 15 minute of fame on her T-shirt. How tacky! But, then again, would you expect anything else from her?

Hayden Panetierre Shows Off Legs

Hayden Panetierre once again goes out in her signature outfit. Do you think she has the legs to wear short shorts? I personally think she's too short, but she's young enough to pull it off.

Maternity Fashion: Nicole Richie

I wish these young Hollywood starlets would stop wearing their negligee out as dresses...especially pregnant ones. But, Nicole Richie is gaining weight and her stomache is growing.

Mischa Barton Sucks

I don't know what kind of movie Mischa Barton is making, but she is not looking good lately. Do you think she's really eating that ice cream? She does look like she's gained a few pounds.

Has Kate Winslet Gained Weight?

I think Kate Winslet is a great example for all those young girls out there. She's a successful actress and a mom.

Even though she is not rexi-skinny like a lot of Hollywood actresses, I think she looks good. She is rumored to be a size 8. I don't know when size 8 became big, but many women would kill to look like her. What do you all think?

Paris Hilton Exercises?

It makes me laugh just looking at her face. What is she doing? Lunges? She looks so silly.

I don't understand why she's wearing those shades to work out. It's ridiculous!

Madonna Works Out Again

Madonna is trying to bring back the 80s with this outfit. The ironic thing is this is what she is wearing leaving the gym. I wonder how many days she works out a week because she's so toned. She probably has 5% body fat.

My Fave Casual Dress

My Fave: I actually tried on a dress like this at Forever 21 in February, but decided not to buy it for $7.99. I have regretted it since because it is so in.

Joss Stone copies Rihanna with the crutches look.

Who does Sienna Miller thinks she is wearing this dress to do errands? And why does she need two huge purses?

Halle Berry looks totally pregnant in this picture even though she's probably not.

Jenny McCarthy wearing the long summer smock dress trend on a romantic stroll with Jim Carrey.

Katie Holmes all decked out leaving Paris with Suri.

Lindsay Lohan wore this dress last week. Lauren Conrad obviously doesn't realize that this dress looks more like something you would wear to bed instead of out and about.

Celebrity Runner: Reese Witherspoon

It's great to see celebrities working at keeping their bodies in shape. She is looking good - about the same weight for awhile.

Jessica Simpson Showing Off New Body

Sucking in, Jessica Simpson shows the world that she indeed does have a flat tummy.

While she has clearly lost weight, I don't think she's skeletal skinny here.

She looks like she's fit and toned. Good for her! Keep it up, Jessica! Just stop making all those stupid movies!

Ashlee Simpson Returns to Her Roots

Ashlee Simpson is definitely morphing herself back to her old style. She's no longer copying her sister or Mischa Barton or the Olsen Twins. She's got some spunk to her style which I really appreciate.

Fergie Loses Weight

Looks at her arms. What happened?

Fergie looks really thin in these pictures. What do you think? Rexi skinny or just right?

Fashion Disaster

I'm glad to see that Mary Kate Olsen is kinda smiling, but when your scarf can drape your entire body, it's time to put on some poundage.

Maggie Q, I'm sorry that all the parts Hollywood offers you is that Asian chick that can fight, but you are way better than this outfit. And while you are trying to prove that you indeed can act, please eat some food. You are starting to look anorexic.

Emile de Ravin is confusing us with this dress. Are those stripes on her dress or are they stripes that are trying to portray and image of a tie? Either way, it isn't doing her any favors and her three year old hairstyle is even worse.

Jennifer Lopez is usually stellar in her fashion choices, but this dress is too one dimensional. It doesn't give her any shape. Everything blends together and therefore leaving her shapeless. And, we know JLo is NOT without any shape.

Paula Abdul channels the Georgia peach with a side scarf on the side. Unfortunately, it looks crooked.

Stacy Kiebler Lost Weight

Stacy Kieber has been photographed working out and it looks like it works because she looks thinner in this picture...or is it the Hollywood standard pose that makes her look thinner? You decide.

Rexi Watch: Angelina Jolie

She's wearing all white and she looks like the wind would blow her right off the street.

Would you look at her chest bones? It is protruding out!

Angelina Jolie manages to hide her thin frame in this dress, but she's not fooling anybody. I hope for the sake of her two daughters that she will start eating! You know what they say - your children definitely pick up your eating habits or lack thereof.

Katie Holmes Needs Help

It's probably just Tom Cruise's way of showing affecting toward wife Katie Holmes, but he seems to be so protective of her. Look at the way he's holding her hand - it's almost as if she's some kind of porcelain doll. Either way, her outfit is blah. The shirt looks too big.

My Fave Dress

Cameron Diaz's dress wouldn't be half bad if she actually had taken the time to iron it out and worn some colored shoes instead of white!

Lauren Conrad suddenly gets camera shy with a dress that is way too low cut.

Pashinda Nagra is wearing her tablecloth.

Teri Hatcher ate a celery stick for lunch and wanted to make sure that she stands in a pose that would make her look her thinnest.

My Fave: I can't believe Serena Williams finally found a dress that's trendy and yet nothing is oozing or bulging out.

Has Melissa Joan Hart Gained A Tad?

Melissa Joan Hart is one of those moms that had to work hard at losing weight. It was slow and gradual (compared to Hollywood) and she lost it all, but it looks like she's gained a tad bit of her weight back. She still looks great though. What do you think?