Friday, August 3, 2007

Guess Who?

Guess who's spashing and kayaking?

The Answers...

It was Jessica Biel coming back from Justin Timberlake's mansion.

Obviously, Amy Winehouse!

Weight Watcher: Tyra Banks

Whatever weight Tyra Banks lost recently is definitely back. I think she looks good though because she's so tall. What do you all think?

My Fave in Casual Dresses

Remember Amerie also sporting this ruffled shirt dress that Demi Moore is wearing here? Amerie looked way cuter!

My Fave: I love this jumper dress on Rebecca Gayheart. In fact, I'm going to have one made soon in the trendy royal blue.

Elizabeth Berkeley aka Jessie Spano looks spring in this dress, but she looks kind of old.

Not sure why people like Dita von Teese, but the colors on this dress is fugly.

Liv Tyler looks classy and elegant in this lbd.

Fashion Disasters

This dress totally washes out already pale and sickly Nicole Kidman. Theruffles and tiers in the front just looks off.

Avril Lavigne looks to have lost a few pounds, but she chose the wrong outfit to show it off. Pink bra to match your hair?

Aren't camouflaged pants last summer's trend? I am just not a Avril Lavigne fan.

Weight Watcher: Toni Braxton

She looks awesome for a 41 year old woman!

My Fave In Jeans

Amanda Peet sort of dons the wide-legged jeans. Normal and average, but she sure looks good for having recently given birth.

Tara Reid shows off her tan and then some.

The skinny jeans are still in cuz "trendsetter" Sienna Miller is wearing it.

Hard to see behind all the grocery bags, but I'm sure Rachel Bilson looks cute.

Those sure are some tight skinny jeans on Meagan Goode.

Jessica Biel could pass for Amanda Peet in this outfit. What's the deal with two purses?

How sweet - Jessica Biel matches Justin Timberlake.

My Fave: Looks totally normal to me - Charlize Theron goes grocery shopping. This is something I would totally throw on to go to the grocery store.

Has Charlize gained some weight?