Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Celebrity Weight Obsession

If I looked like Rumer Willis, I would try a lot harder to not look like Rumer Willis. She's still a lot thinner than she used to be, so at least she's got that!

What is the deal with Thandie Newton and her smirk/smile all the time? Does she really think she needs to suck in her cheeks to look thinner? I wonder if she'll ever NOT be rextremely thin.

Tiffani Amber-Thiessen still looks like she did in her Kelly Kapowski days.

Kelly Pickler has managed to maintain her slim figure, but I can't help but wonder if she's copying Posh's look.

Good to see some meat back on the beautiful but not so talented Megan Fox.

I can't believe Portia deRossi looks normal. Remember how rextremely thin she used to be?

Shakira looks like she's lost a few pounds.

Don't hate Keri Russell. She's just one of those women that is blessed with a high metabolism and the inability to gain weight. She looks great for being a new mom.

Kerry Washington is another celebrity that fluctuates her weight a lot. Here she is on the heavier side but still looking pretty slim.

Madonna is getting rextremely thin. This picture is a sideview of her body and it looks like she's barely there.

I'm glad that Mandy Moore is no longer obsessing about her weight and is actually fine with not looking rextremely thin, but she should not wear this ugly dress. Her posture drives me crazy. Stand up straight, girl!

Has Amanda Peet gained some weight? Or did she simply stop nursing? Most new moms usually lose their baby weight while nursing, but once they stop, the pounds come on pretty quickly.

Even though Amy Winehouse has obviously gained some weight, she still needs an image overhaul starting with her ratnest.

Beyonce Knowles looks like she's gained even more weight.

Cindy Crawford looks like a giant next to that Japanese hostess.

One of these days, I'm going to bet that Ginnifer Goodwin is going to come out with some kind of eating disorder because she continues to dwindled down to rextremely thin proportions.

Random Fashion Post

Even though I'm so into the ruffled trend now, I think Carrie Underwood is taking it too far with this outfit.

Mena Suvari looks fierce with the leather pants and short hair.

Natalie Portman looks naturally cute.

Another celebrity that totally looks like a normal mommy: Rachel Griffith.

Sandra Bernhard is in her 50s and looking like it. Maybe if she smiled more, it would slow the age process down.

Nikki Hilton totally looks like the celebrity here instead of sister Paris. She looks like a wanna-be.

Jessica Alba still with her boyfriend, Cash Warren taking a leisure stroll in comfy clothes.

I don't understand the whole celebrity taking pictures of paparazzi. What does Jessica Biel think it will accomplish?

Jordana Brewster adds a little feminity with the pink purse.

Mary-Kate Olsen dodges yet another photo-op.

Wow, Allyson Hannigan should not walk around looking like this.

I like this dress on Ashley Judd.

Ashley Olsen also dodging the paparazzi.

Mena Suvari is doing her part by riding her bicycle around.

I usually don't comment on men's fashion, but I find myself being very attracted to David Beckham's sense of style. He epitomizes the word "metrosexual."

Fashion Watch: Jennifer Connelly

Poor Jennifer Connelly. Somebody forgot to tell her that she forgot to button up her dress - or forgot to sew the rest of her dress.

Love this outfit. Jacket with skirt look.

Another example of someone who doesn't know how to wear the scarf trend. The long length is fine, but the width of the scarf is too wide. It completely swallows her outfit.

Not bad, I guess. Her weight tends to fluctuate with her dress.

A Walking Disaser: Britney Spears

I realize that Britney Spears is in the privacy of her own home here, but she must know that she is photographed. Why would she wear her pajamas?

If this picture isn't a perfect example of disaster, I don't know what is!

My Fave Dress

If I did have to choose between Nikki and Paris Hilton, I would choose Nikki Hilton's fashion choices.

Brooke Shields looks kind of adorable here.

Jamie Lyn-Sigler looking smoking hot with a tan.

Ana Ortiz's Ugly Betty character is hysterical!

Heidi Klum is usually flawless, but I'm not feeling the ripped hem look.

This is the Heidi Klum we all know and adore. Flawless.

I can't believe Iman is still looking fabulous at age 52.

Even though Nikki Hilton is not in the press much for scandals like her sister Paris, they both tend to look a little skanky to me.

Ashley Judd is sari-beautiful.

My Fave: I love the print and style of this dress on Beyonce. It should encourage those who are not rextremely thin to know that she still looks so good here even with a few extra pounds.

Even though Celine Dion is tall and thin, something is always a little off with her look. Maybe it's the nose?

Claire Danes trying to smile? Very beautiful dress.

Ciara looks like she ripped a whole bunch of aluminum foil and taped it to this dress.

Eva Mendes in an annoying look and a baby bump? She cannot wear yellow.