Thursday, August 9, 2007

My Fave In Party Dresses

I don't know why I am not a fan of short people in long dresses. Don't you think this dress dwarfs Kelly Ripa somehow?

My fave: Simple and elegant dress on Claire Danes.

Megan Fox is beautiful, but she's everywhere these days due to the success of Transformers. I think it's because of Shia LeBoef instead of her. I watched it and only found it okay.

Too many black on black on this dress donned by Rebecca Gayheart.

This dress would have been much cuter without the weird shouldner/neckline thing on Maria Menounos.

Ali Larter is beautiful, thin, and tall but this dress does not show any of that.

My Fave In Casual Dresses

Loving this dress on Kate Bosworth. She looks so much better with the extra pounds even though she still looks super slim.

Melanie Brown's short dress and long sleeves seem like a fashion oxymoron to me.

Not feeling this white dress on Ali Larter - maybe the length is too short? But, her acting on Heroes is absolutely amazing. You can totally tell when she's Nikki or Jessica.

This dress looks a little off to me on Fergie, but I am not completely sure what it is.

My Fave: Love, love this dress on Renee Zellweger. It looks comfortable yet slimming.

Fashion Disasters

Kimberly Stewart infects the ground in her bare feet and one size too small vest.

Need I say more?

Must I even write this sentence?

My Fave In Shorts

I actually really like these short denim shorts on Britney Spears even though it looks to be a little small on her. She's gotten a lot of crazy press lately. I hope for the sake of her boys that she will get her act together.

Remember when Leanne Rhimes was a chubby little country girl? Gone are those days because she's now grown up, married, and very thin.

I don't get this frayed denim shorts look. However, Nikki Hilton's fashion choices have been surprisingly cute.

I think Ashley Tisdale forgot to leave her Hawaiian attire at the beach because she wore it back on the airplane.

My Fave: Love this outfit on Kate Moss - so eccentric and chic yet super funky.

Weight Watcher

Dare I say Renee Zellweger looks happy and healthy? It is hard to tell, but she does look like she's got some meat on her bones and I'm so glad to see her smiling instead of her signature pucker/scowl face. Love her dress by the way.

Beyonce will probably never be scary skinny because of her pear shaped body, but she does look she's gained some weight recently. Her arms look bigger. And, what in tarnation is she wearing? From silver to gold? Is that a vest that she's wearing?

Jaime Pressly is definitely on the road to gettting her pre-pregnancy weight back.

I guess the thigh masters haven't been used in awhile for Suzanne Somers.

My Fave In Jeans

Cindy Crawford still looks amazing after all these years!

Colin Farrell's much younger girlfriend looks and dresses like his daughter instead of his significant other.

My Fave: Kate Walsh sports a cute top with the wide-legged boot cut jeans.

Natalie Imbruglia looks quite thin here in this picture.

Emmanuelle Chrigrui comfry in jeans and tank top.

Weight Watcher

I understand that Daryl Hannah is 46 years old, but she sure looks different than her Splash days.

Jena Malone definitely has lost weight since her appearance in that horrible movie, Saved!

I guess it might be true after all that Nicole Richie is pregnant because she definitely looks to have gained some weight.

Put Away The Dresses

Fiona Apple looks healthy and comfortable in loose clothing.

Jenny McCarthy continues to endear her fans by staying out of the party limelight and dressing conservatively!

I've got to get me some pointy heels. It totally elongates your legs and "sharpens" your outfit like it does here for Rosario Dawson.

Christina Aguilera hides her baby bump with a baggy sweater and sweat pants.

Flats with sweats? Isn't that like a fashion oxymoron? Only Paris Hilton...

Cute wide-legged grey trousers on Shanna Moakler, but what's with the facial expression?

Angelina Jolie looks super thin in this picture. I know she's always been thin, but she's gotten increasingly thinner since dating Brad Pitt.

Love the pointy heels with these black pants on Jessica Alba.

My Fave In Casual Dresses

My Fave: Three are so many to choose from lately, but I really like this dress on Cameron Diaz. Love the braided neckline.

Never been a huge fan of lace anything, so Rosario Dawson's dress is no exception.

Call me crazy, but I actually like the funky print on Katherine McPhee's short dress.

Wrap dresses are suppose to flatter most body types, but this one doesn't flatter Liv Tyler's thin frame because it's too big.

This one is also another favorite because of the cute bandeau top. Even though I'm enjoying Heroes, Hayden Panettiere's character is not one of my faves.

I love the style of this long summer dress on Mischa Barton, but I'm not crazy about the color and print.

Weight Loser: Rumer Willis

You gotta feel bad for celebrity children because they get photographed just as much as their parents if not more. Rumer Willis has received a lot of bad press because she...well, how do I say this? She doesn't look anything like her mom, Demi Moore. And, she used to be way chunkier than she is now. I wonder how much more weight she's going to lose...

My Fave In Casual Dresses

Mel Brown definitely has something to smile about because she just hot hitched. Let's hope her new hubby will help her fashion sense by telling her that she can't wear a long T-shirt as a dress and wear heels to dress it up.

If you don't own anything in yellow, I hope you will be inspired by this dress Elizabeth Hurley is wearing!

My Fave: Even though you can't tell the length of this dress on Tori Spelling, it's probably short and cute! Love the neckline.

I don't know why celebrities pose like this because it makes them look so cheesy and Lisa Rinna is no exception although her wrap dress does look good.

This style dress is flattering for most body types because it even looks good on Paris Hilton.