Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Ugly Dress

First we saw Elisha Cuthbert in this ugly dress, then Lily Allen, and now Cameron Diaz. I understand why Lily Allen would choose this dress, and maybe Elisha, but Cameron? Ugh!

Ashanti Has Gained Weight

That back looks a lot like Kim Kardashian's, but it belongs to Ashanti. Rumor has it that she has gained so much weight that she refuses to have her picture taken. I feel bad that every pound gained or loss is celebrity news, but if she's happy with who she is, she should be proud to show off her womanly curves! I think she looks good!

Alyssa Milano Wants to Touch You

Here's Alyssa Milano's new fashion line, Touch. I find it hilarious that all these celebrities have their own clothing line. The model on the right is wearing one ugly outfit! Would you wear it?

Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minillo in Tacoma

Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo in Tacoma, Washington, a town about ten minutes away from my hometown, Seattle! I am surprised that they are still together.

Amy Winehouse Is Fat?!?!

Just kidding! I must admit that Amy Winehouse is looking much better here. She's still very thin, but I can see some flesh now instead of just sticks and bones.

Janet Jackson Weight Update

Here are some recent photos of Janet Jackson at the US Open Tennis Tournament. She looks like she's maintained her weight loss after a recent huge weight gain.

Jessica Biel Wearing Ugly Yellow Boots...

...and still dating arrogant and cocky Justin Timberlake. I guess "love is blind."

High Waisted Jeans: Keira Knightley

First of all, Kiera Knightley is looking gaunt and skeletal again. Look at her face. It is jutting out.

Secondly, she should stop trying to resurrect the moms jeans. Even though it's updated to make it look hip, it's really still a mom's jeans. And Keira Knightley, you are way too young and famous to be wearing them.

Rexi Watch: Terri Hatcher

What do you all think? Should she be on Rexi Watch? I personally think she's not aging very well and her skeletal frame isn't helping her.

Fashion Disasters

Here is Cameron Diaz in an ugly dress. As a side note, I just watched her last night in The Holiday and I couldn't stand her. She was trying way too hard to be the cute girl from My Best Friend's Wedding. They focused way too much on her story instead of Kate Winslet. Now, SHE can act!

Avril Lavigne, the ever confusing fashionista (I use that word lightly here because she's clearly NOT!) punk rock with heels. Hmm...identity crisis perhaps?

Cheryl Tweedy wore this outfit to perform. Yeah, I know! What was she thinking?

I don't get why Dita von Teese is so popular. She looks so fake to me. Her skin is so pale and her hair looks like it's plastered on. And here she is again with an ugly dress. It reminds me of Britney's disaster dress with red hems as well.

Kate Hudson, your ex-boyfriend just tried to commit suicide (Owen Wilson) and here you are showing all kinds of PDA with boyfriend Dax Sheppard (I didn't post one) in a grocery store, no less! Will you please go buy yourself a dozen or so bras from Walmart and start wearing them? You are a mother!