Thursday, August 2, 2007

Guess Who?

Guess who needs the extra calories to help her stand and walk without taking a tumble?

Fashion Disasters

Amber Tamblyn may be wearing this for The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants sequel, but it still doesn't excuse the atrociousness of it all. I wonder if this movie will do well now because America Ferrera is so popular.

Ditto for this outfit.

Is that Taryn Manning under all that black?

Fashion Skirt Look

Reese Witherspoon totally looks classy in this outfit. She looks to have gained some weight as well. Still looks fab!

Love this look on Joy Bryant. The shirt with the belt and the pocket skirt is uber chic.

Weight Watcher: Keira Knightley

Not much change in her weight since we last saw her. She totally loves these high waisted pants. This is one trend I will not be wearing. I've gotten so used to the low-waist that anything around my waist feels constricting.

Just Like Normal People...

Jessica Alba goes out in a tank top and sweat pants to the drug store.

Megan Fox in sweat pants and T-shirt getting gas with boyfriend 90210 alum Brian Austin Green.

Weight Loser: Serena Williams

Somebody's been hitting the gym because Serena Williams looks great! The dress actually fits her and nothing is hanging out!

Fashion Watch: Katie Holmes

Doesn't this look like it belongs on some framed picture entitled "Perfect Family Outing?"

I do love how Katie has really grown in her fashion style. I like this outfit a lot on her. No matter what people may say, they do look like a happy and normal family (okay, minus the helicopter as transportation).

My Fave in Dresses

So, that's where Jessica Simpson learned to smile like that - from her mom, Tina. What in the world are they both wearing?

Becki Newton looks every bit as sassy as her Ugly Betty Amanda character in this dress and pose.

My Fave: Eva La Rue looks classy and chic in this white dress.

Hayden Panettiere looks slimmer and slimmer every time I see her photographed. Maybe it's the way the dress is made? Love her little one handle purse.

I feel like no matter what Eva Longoria wears or style her hair, I will never be a fan.

Tara Reid continues to show off her weight loss in low cut dresses.

Weight Watcher: Eva Longoria

Has Eva Longoria gone too far with her weight loss? Does she look skeletal skinny?

My Fave Look in Jeans

Not really sure why I'm not an Anne Hathaway fan besides the fact that her shirt is too big and the boots look outdated.

My Fave: Pink tries to go incognito in Paris with ripped jeans and a long shirt. She confuses me with her fashion. On the one hand, she totally dresses differently from all the other Hollywood starlets, and then she dresses like this and it makes me wonder, does she want to be like the other "stupid girls?" I do like this outfit though because it looks very comfortable minus the hat.

Looks like Paris Hilton caught on to the wide-legged jeans look, but why is she cavorting it on the each? Isn't she hot (I mean temperature)?

Marissa Miller and Heidi Klum sporting the "beauty pageant hair."

What in the world is Eva Mendes carrying?

Beyonce Knowles won't let go of the skinny jeans...maybe because of the few extra pounds she's gained lately?

Surfs Up! Hilary Swank

That is one purple outfit on Hilary Swank. Not a fan.

Weight Watcher: Jaslene Gonzales

Jaslene is the winner for America's Next Top Model and is now officially a Victoria's Secret model. She said in a recent interview that she does not have anorexia. What do you think? Do you believe her?

Twinkie Fashion

Who rocks it more? My pick is Catherine Zeta-Jones over Kristen Bell.

My Fave in Casual Dresses

Nicole Richie wearing a casual brown jumper and hiding behind boyfriend in early July.

Strapless and Bono-less, Penelope Cruz tries to avoid an accident as she holds up her lbd.

Love the gold chain necklace around Nicolette Sheridan and this white dress.

So glad to see The Simple Life cancelled, but no more fun fashion to see on Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie.

Even though Mary Kate Olsen always looks like a potato sack, I always love her shoes!

My Fave: Halle Berry in a very forgiving and easy to wear breezy white dress. Is she trying to hide something?

Penelope Cruz on movie set. The straps off the shoulder look is supposed to be sexy, but somehow it looks trashy.

Jessica Biel donning the shirt dress.

Rexi Watch: Jenna Jameson

Please feed her!