Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Celebrity Weight Obsession

Whoah! When did Debra Messing become Grace again? She is definitely back to her ultra skinny days.

Marcia Cross dresses so plainly, don't you think? She lost the weight pretty quickly, too.

I do believe Milla Jovovich is losing weight a little slower than the other celebrity moms. Perhaps that's why she's happy? I heard once that "skinny people are mean."

It's probably just the angel, but Nicole Scherzinger looks to have gained a few.

Looking fabulous and elegant, Salma Hayek. Her diet secret? Breastfeeding and pumping breast milk.

The cabbage soup diet keeps working for Jaime Pressly.

Kourtney and Kim Kardashian both look a little thinner.

Kelly Osbourne looks like she's lost some weight, too, but I don't think she's ready to wear dresses at this length.

Has Lily Allen lost some more weight?

Madonna is the buffest celebrity.

Ashanti must still be on her fast.

Looking slightly healthier, Amy Winehouse.

Christina Aguilera proudly shows off her post-baby body as she should!

Isla Fischer looks gorgeous here! How in the world did she do it?

Is Jennifer Love Hewitt stuck in the 70s? Why would anyone willingly choose to wear this outfit? By the way, I saw a movie of hers in Thailand called If Only. It was surprisingly touching. She was a lot thinner then.

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