Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Maternity Fashion

I'm assuming that Halle Berry is letting her weave go au natural because it's not good for the baby to use chemicals to straighten her hair. Halle looks great pregnant.

I have been surprised to see that Halle Berry doesn't seem to be gaining very much weight. I guess if my career depended on my body size, I would be careful to not overeat either.

Jennifer Lopez finally comes out of hiding. I personally think she is vain for not wanting to be photographed while she's pregnant because she doesn't like the way she looks. Many women would do anything to be pregnant!! Even though she's ginormous, she still looks very pretty.

I hope Jennifer Lopez remembers that she's carrying twins wearing those heels.

Famous because of the baby's daddy (Matthew McConnahay) - Camila Alves. Love the maternity top.

Gwen Stefani seems to be gaining weight slowly in her second pregnancy.

Kimora Lee pregnant with Djimon's baby.

Melissa Joan Hart looks really uncomfortable.

I don't think Nicole Kidman is wearing maternity clothes yet. I still can't see her bump.

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