Friday, October 5, 2007

Celebrity Weight Obsession

Kate Moss must be resurrecting the waif look of the 90s because her legs look rextremely thin.

Lily Allen, known for her bashing skinny celebrities looks like she's jumping on their bandwagon because she looks thinner.

What do you think? Is Lily Allen thinner or is black really that slimming?

Tyra Banks on the low side of her weight here.

What happened to Val Kilmer?

Brooke Burke is definitely on the rextremely thin side here.

Blake Lively continues to lose even more weight.

Keep losing the weight slowly, Bridge Moynahan.

Claudia Schiffer didn't think she was thin enough, so she wore tight black pants to ensure that everybody can see her rextremely thin legs.

I feel for Kelly Clarkson. Her weight is definitely on the high end here.

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