Saturday, April 5, 2008

Mariah Carey is Skinny and Demanding

Who signs autographs in this kind of pose? Oh, it's Mariah Carey. That explains everything.

Mariah Carey has definitely gotten thinner lately. Here's a funny excerpt from the Daily Mail about some of Ms. Carey's past and present demands:

She has 11 bodyguards surround her table in restaurants, so people can't see her eat
She booked every penthouse in Claridge's hotel, so she can have ultimate privacy
She insisted they install a $20,000 gym next to her penthouse suite
She keeps 20 humidifiers around her bedShe won't wear flat shoes ever! She said, "My feet repel them."
She likes being carried around, because wearing high heels all the time hurts her feet
She doesn't have a Birthday, "Honestly, I don't even have birthdays. I call them anniversaries."
She will never use public transportation again, "I've already been on the bus I don't need to go back on the bus."
She insists her dogs travel by private plane or private car only

What do you think? Diva or normal?

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