Monday, March 17, 2008

Celebrity Weight Obsession

Rumer Willis parades around town with a few extra pounds looking really ridiculous.

They say that looking good is the best revenge, and Shanna Moakler does look good.

Serena Williams has the buffest legs I know.

At 34, Kate Moss still got it.

Kate Osbourne looks like she's gained a few, but then again, it's probably just the dress.

Maggie Gylenhaal has lost all the baby weight and then some.

Has Mandy Moore gained some weight? Still, I'm a fan.

Mena Suvari looks cute with her short hair, but she does look like she's gained some weight.

Christina Ricci looking skinny but not rexi.

Fran Drescher in an unfortunate dress that adds ten pounds to her frame.

Has Gabrielle Union gained some weight recently?

Jennie Garth looks really frumpy here and the outfit is so outdated.

Jenna Jameson rexi skinny as ever with the ridiculous leg up pose.

Anna Kourkinova posing in her skinny body but not rexi.

Ana Ortiz has definitely lost a lot of weight since Ugly Betty debuted.

Cacee Cobb (Jessica Simpson's ex assistant) with Donald Faison. She's substantially bigger.

Courtney Cox Arquette thin as usual.

Charlotte Church pulls a Pretty Woman.

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Liebez said...

It's JAMESON!! ;)