Monday, March 17, 2008

My Fave Celebrity Outfit

Audrina Patridge does yellow right in this outfit.

Kimberly Stewart looks out of it in an ugly dress.

I love this outfit on Lauren Conrad. She looks thinner here as well.

The only Asian American Idol contestant, Ramielle Malubay in a cute jumper from last summer's trend.

Meg Ryan looks so lost, doesn't she?

Jodie Foster is one of those women that has a "healthy" body size.

My Fave: I love this dress on Kellie Martin.

Vanessa Williams in elegance.

Nicole Richie dares to wear silk shortly after delivery. I have to say that I am impressed that she's not rexi skinny yet.

Jennifer Garner in the trendy "dress" (half and half outfit).

Christopher Knight looks thrilled to be taking a picture with Adrianne Curry.

Ali Simms does not have the body to wear this dress.

Andrea Bowen all grown up?

Rexi skinny? Audrina Patridge.

Helena Christensen looks washed out in this color.

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