Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Photoshop in Magazines

This magazine cover is totally photoshopped because Miley Cyrus doesn't really look like this. It's usually a lot fuller.

I get that Naomi Watts is trying to be sexy, but I think it's way over done.

Is Sarah Michelle Gellar Prinze wearing papier mache?

I've seen pictures of Alicia Keys close-up, and let's just say she could use some Proactiv.

This doesn't even look like Amy Adams. Lindsay Lohan wore this dress recently in Milan.

What have they done to America's Sweetheart, Drew Barrymore? Her face looks totally different.

Whose face looks like this? Katee Beckinsale is making that annoying pucker look again.

I don't know why magazines have to photoshop so much. Kylie Minogue looks weird here, too.

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