Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Random Celebrity Fashion Post

Remember her from Ashley Fresh Prince of Bel-Air? This is Tatyana Ali all grown up having fun with yellow and blue. It works.

Monice Cruz, Penelope's younger sister looks way better than her.

Not a fan of Marisa Tomei's "suit."

Look at Rebecca Romijin's legs! Easy and safe outfit. Red purses are on its way out though.

This is Sarah Jessica Parker all bundled up and still looks rextremely thin!

What is Sharon Stone wearing here? A suit? With a mid-drift shirt?

Jennifer Garner and Matthew McCaughnahey (how do you spell is darn name?) I don't get both of their appeal.

Jordin Sparks looks cute in blue and black, but I'm afraid these colors are also on their way out.

Katherine Heigl in one of her myriad of cute sweaters. Did she win the lottery or something? That's a lot of shopping bags. Oh wait. She's an actress. They either make movies or shop.

I've often wondered how Lisa Kudrow feel about being left out of the tight bond between Courtney Cox-Arquette and Jennifer Aniston.

Leighton Meester has been looking weird to me lately. Maybe it's the ultra flat hair?

What is Aisha Tyler wearing here? What's the deal with the pose?

Elizabeth Berkeley aka Jesse Spano from Saved by the Bell. She still working after the disastrous Showgirls?

Eva Mendes is trying very hard to look serious because she just came out of rehab.

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw - the queen and king of country music.

I'm not a fan of trench coats as dresses especially if it shines - Garcelle Beauvais.

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