Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Fave Dress Worn by Celebrity

Megan Fox is obviously a pretty woman, but she needs to take acting lessons if she wants to advance her career.

I feel like I've seen this dress before on Mary J. Blige.

Rexi skinny Nikki Hilton wearing polka dots? Aren't they out?

Tia Carrere is still around? She looks to have losts some weight.

I'm glad that Zhang Ziyi is not with a China tycoon, but the fact that she's dating this rich weirdo is not that different.

My Fave: I like the small bling on Ali Landry's shoulder.

For some reason, Camilla Belle reminds me of Katie Holmes here.

Kind of low-key for Carmen Electra.

Demi Moore looks awesome for being 46!

Whoah. Lauren Holly has lost a lot of weight! I can't stand her on NCIS though! Is she still even on that show?

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