Saturday, December 1, 2007

My Fave Dress

Uma Thurman looks like she hasn't eaten for weeks here. Her face looks totally pale. On the side note, I do like her dress.

Zoey Deschanel is one of those celebrities that has a face that is uniquely beautiful. Can't say the same for the dress.

Continuing to lose weight, Kate Middleton.

In trying to imitate her daughter's looks, Katie Holmes. I confess that the bowl cut looks kinda cute on her.

Alicia Keys has been looking great lately.

Ali Larter continues to whittle down to rextremely thin proportions. This is one ugly dress/outfit.

My Fave: Even though I can't stand Eva Longoria, I really like this dress. The dark red and style says "classy."

Not a bad look on Haylie Duff.

Shapeless and ugly in colors - Julianne Moore. Maggie Gylenhaal looks pretty bad, too.

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