Saturday, December 1, 2007

Celebrity Weight Obsession

You can't really tell if Naomi Watts has lost all her baby weight, but her face does appear fuller.

Telma Hopkins is 59 years old and not looking too bad, but she should dress like one.

As with all rextreme weight loss, it's bound to return - Rumer Willis.

You can see Rumer Willis' slight weight gain in her arms.

Alicia Silverstone who is a vegan look heavier than her clueless days, but she's been at this weight for awhile.

As with all fasts, weight gain will return and then some - Ashanti.

Shiny jacket? Beyonce Knowles looks to be about the same weight.

Christina Ricci on the lower end of her weight.

Is it me or has Marcia Cross gotten even thinner?

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