Monday, November 19, 2007

Celebrity Weight Obsession

Marcia Cross really looks great for having twins! Love that sweater, too!

Nikki Hilton is a lot slimmer these days, but she seems to have gained a few back.

I'm waiting for the day when Renee Zellweger officially comes out to say that she struggles with an eating disorder. How can she not? Her weight changes faster than my five year old daughter's mind.

Glad to see Selma Blair with some meat on her bones. Is she wearing Pocahontas shoes?

Solange Knowles is supposed to be the thinner but uglier sister, but she looks bigger than Beyonce here.

Audrina Patridge has always been slim, but she looks a tad healthier here.

Next thing you're going to hear about Ellen Pompeo is that she's pregnant. She does look healthier, weight wise.

It's probably just the poor choice in clothes, but Helen Mirren looks to have gained some weight since her Oscar win last year. I know, I know. She's old. Her metabolism probably stopped working all together.

After four kids, Holly Robinson Peete still looks great!

I'm beginning to see bones protruding out on rextremely thin Keri Russell.

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