Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Celebrity Weight Obsession

If you look at Lily Allen today, she's even skinnier than the picture on the right. She said that she uses hypnosis to help her lose weight. I didnt' realize that she was that heavy before.

Nikki Hilton has been slimming down a lot. She looks thinner than her sister Paris here. Wonder how Paris feels about that.

Melanie Brown must be on the Victoria Beckham diet because she looks quite a lot thinner. But, what is the deal with the leg warmers?

Here's Anne Hathaway on her latest movie set. She looks horrible. It's either the dress or bad posture. Either way, she's also on the lower end of her weight.

Emma Roberts is trying so hard to look older in this dress. It's good to see that she's not succumbing to the Hollywood rextremely thin look...yet.

Ashanti's Master cleansing fast must still be working because she's gotten even thinner. Why do celebrities go on cleansing fasts or detox to lose weight? Just east sensibly, exercise, and have portion control.

Rextremely thin Courtney Love - who is looking more and more like a cross between Madonna and Kate Moss but uglier.

Janet Jackson's outfit cracks me up, but she must be pretty thin now because an outfit this covered up usually makes one look bigger but she still manages to look pretty slim.

Kelly Clarkson has definitely gained some weight.

Bowl cut alert! What happened to the Kelly Osbourne's weight loss?

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