Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Who's Who On Magazines

Um, what happened to Rosie O'Donnell's face?

Who in the world is this? If you can believe it, it's Lily Allen. She lost 19 pounds in six weeks due to her heart murmur. Um, yeah, right.

Shape magazine does it again by putting somebody on their cover who doesn't work out and is obviously photoshopped to the max. Lauren Conrad does not look like this!

So far, Rihanna has managed to stay out of scandals, so I guess she can grace the cover of this magazine.

One minute Rihanna is innocent the next she poses like this!

I don't care how pregnant or how famous you are, posing with your pregnant belly is a no-no in my book - Christina Aguilera.

Eva Green is a beautiful woman, but what's the deal with the pose?

For some reason, I can't find myself to be endeared to Jessica Alba. She exudes "diva."

Photoshopped and jobless Mischa Barton.

Naomi Campbell wore this dress recently on the red carpet.

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