Monday, December 3, 2007

2007 Movie Rocks Fashion

Jennifer Hudson should not be wearing a dress with a top like that. It looks horrible.

Nor does Jennifer Hudson have the body to wear a pant dress.

Nice and different - Fergie.

Since when did Fergie get so funky?

Jennifer Lopez positively glows being pregnant, but anybody would glow standing next to skeletor Marc Anthony.

Why do celebrities do the blow kiss pose? It's so annoying. Maybe that's why Nicole Scherzinger's solo career has failed to launch.

Channelling the Madonna's Material Girl Look - Nicole Scherzinger.

Beyonce Knowles is ALWAYS so over the top.

This dress only accentuates Beyonce Knowles weight gain.

Looking a little bit on the rextremely thin side - Carrie Underwood. Maybe she's sad that Tony Romo is dating Jessica Simpson and that Gossip Girls Chace Crawford has been seen with other girls?

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