Sunday, December 9, 2007

My Fave LBD

I have no earthly idea what in the world Elisha Cuthbert is wearing as tights/hose? Her short hair is kinda cute though.

"I'm a celebrity, so I never smile." - Fergie

Fergie is trying to punk rock?

Garcelle Beauvais's LBD is the ever trendy T-shirt dress.

Glenn Close doesn't look half bad for a 60 year old lady.

My Fave: The long T-shirt dress on a thinner Anna Farris. I like that it looks really comfortable.

Wearing black, Anne Hathaway shows how pale she really is.

Charlotte Ronson looks like she could use a nap.

In all black from head to toe - Christina Milian.

Standing prim and proper - Diane Kruger.

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