Sunday, December 9, 2007

Celebrity Weight Obsession

I hate to admit it, but when you are thinner you really do look better. Rikki Lake is a living proof of that. She is a self proclaimed size 4, but she looks more like a size 6 to me.

Whoa - is this the self-obsessed, talks over other people and then turns the conversation to self host Tyra Banks? She's probably been hitting the treadmill or laying off the fried chicken because she looks a lot thinner.

Adrianna Lima (left) and Alessandra Ambrosia both look a lot thinner since they've been walking the Victoria Secret runway. Have no idea who the chick in the middle is.

Since getting fired for a recent movie role due to his weight gain, Ryan Gosling has since lost it.

Looking awkward and little posed - Rachel Ray looks a tad thinner as well.

Rumer Willis looks thin here, but not rextremely thin like she did this past summer. This is an ugly outfit though.

Renee Zellweger looks slightly better here, but I'm sure it's just the angle.

Shar Jackson continues to shed the pounds.

Lily Allen showing off her thinner but rextremely so body.

I get that Melanie Brown lost all her baby weight and then some, but it doesn't give her an excuse to tear off some old T-shirt to show it off.

Nikki Hilton gains a little weight back and looks great. Why can't Paris learn to dress like her?

I believe this is Norah Jones - she lost a ton of weight and it has totally changed her look.

Paris Hilton on the lower end of her yo-yo weight.

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