Sunday, December 2, 2007

My Fave In Jeans

For some reason, Molly Sims outfit with flats looks just that - flat. Even the yellow isn't giving her the splash she desperately needs.

My Fave: I love the long sweater jacket on Rachel Bilson and the boots that she seems to love so much (since she wears it a lot) gives it an edgier look.

It's always a little desperate when you match your outfit with your hair - Avril Lavigne.

In skinny jeans as usual - Cameron Diaz.

Katherine Heigl loves to wear a long shirt or sweater with her wide-legged jeans.

This is what I usually wear when I fly - comfy jeans with running shoes - Katherine McPhee.

Can't say Mary-Kate Olsen isn't a trendsetter.

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