Saturday, October 6, 2007

Random Fashion Post

I think Hilary Swank looks better in pants instead of trying to look all feminine.

Mischa Barton just won't let go of the high waist trend.

Some girls grow up to be beautiful, but Kirsten Dunst has gotten progressively worse through the years.

I have this exact shirt in black and white that Jessica Simpson is wearing. Ruffles are definitely the trend right now.

Avril Lavigne reminds me of a tablecloth in this dress. The woman she's standing next to is suppose to be a fan.

Beyonce slims her figure down well in this outfit.

Cute headband on Eva Mendes. Good to see that she also eats! Does anyone know if she is really pregnant?

I don't know why, but I really like Jenna Fischer. Maybe it's because she has that girl-next-door look that doesn't threaten you.

Jenny McCarthy seems to have matured well through age. She's not as crazy as she used to be.

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