Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Celebrity Weight Obession

Ashanti said she lost eight pounds doing the Master Cleanser diet. Let's see if she can keep it off. Most cleanser diets require a fast (drinking only liquids), so any weight that is lost is mostly water. Once you start eating again, you will gain your weight back.

I don't know why it is so good to see celebrities lose their pregnancy slowly. I'm glad to see that Bridget Moynahan still has some ways to go.

Is Ellen Pompeo hiding her "rextremely thin" body under a baggy T-shirt and sweat pants?

There were rumors that Kirstie Alley is back to 200 pounds, but she looks like she did when she wore a bikini on Oprah. Her daughter looks really excited to be photographed.

"Rextremely thin" Renee Zellweger leaving a gym after a workout. Check out her chicken legs!

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