Saturday, March 29, 2008

Tyra Banks 1st Annual Fiercee Awards Fashion

Crazy and business savvy? Tyra Banks held the first annual Fiercee Awards to honor America's Next Top Model on her show. She looks thinner here, but the dress is an awful choice.

Jade in a ridiculous ruffled dress and an even uglier hairstyle.

Jaslene Gonzales as rexi skinny as ever.

Keenya Hill sucking in to look thinner?

Norelle Van Herk in a dress inspired by Kim Kardashian?

Toccara Jones is a plus size model if you can believe it.

The following three are unnamed because I don't know who they are. This one looks like Kate Walsh.

This one looks like Kelly Rowland.

This one looks like that third girl from Dreamgirls.

Camille McDonald takes floral on the red carpet.

I actually watched CariDee English while she was on ANTM, and I would pick her over Melrose any day, but since her win, her looks have gone awry or something.

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