Tuesday, March 25, 2008

MyFave LBD

Still not over being voted as the Unsexiest, Sarah Jessica Parker recently spoke out about it saying that it implied that her husband, Matthew Broderick has bad taste in women. What?!?

Tara Reid actually look really purrrty here.

My Fave: I love the one shoulder look, but I love that Bar Refaeli is the one wearing it. Am I the only one that thinks that she looks way better than Giselle Bundchen? Maybe it's because Bar smiles a lot more....

Brooks Shield looks she got caught doing something she shouldn't be doing...

Donald Trump's wife - Melania Strauss. What do you think she does in her spare time?

I don't know what Nicole Richie's been doing lately, but it's positively working on her. She's totally glowing.

Even though I'm a Rachel McAdams' fan, all I see here is her ginormous forehead.

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