Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My Fave Coat

Molly Shannon is very happy to have her picture taken.

I love the scarf on Paula Abdul, but the long coat dwarfs her even more.

Jenny McCarthy stole Katie Holmes' bowl haircut.

It's good to see Julia Roberts with her husband, Danny Moder.

My Fave: Even though I can't stand Keira Knightley, I love the print and style of her coat.

Liv Tyler reminds me of my day today - running to and fro with my kiddos.

Monica Bellucci is another celebrity that screams "movie star" to me. She has beauty that is rare and unique.

My Fave: How can Charlize Theron look this thin and good in only a trench coat? Love the yellow pumps.

Glad to see Emma Watson looking like a teenager.

Why is Gwyneth Paltrow hiding?

Gwyneth Paltrow was meeting with Madonna. Maybe to give some marital advice about Madonna's rumored marital problems with Guy Richie?

Ivanka Trump looks fierce. Just like daddy.

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