Thursday, March 13, 2008

Celebrity Weight Obsession

Besides looking like she got attacked by a raccoon, Kate Moss looks as skinny as ever.

Milla Jovovich is losing her baby weight the slow way. She looks good.

Nikki Hilton has denied that she's anorexic, but this photo paints a different picture.

Has Taylor Swift always been this thin?

It looks like Tara Reid has gained back some of the weight she lost while she was in Australia.

It's probably the angle, but Beyonce looks like she's gained even more weight (with the beautiful Gabrielle Union).

Maybe Courtney Cox Arquette is looking rexi skinny these days because her show, Dirt isn't doing so well.

Ivanka Trump surprises me sometimes. She's looking skinny here but not rexi.

You can't tell if Jennifer Love Hewitt has gained or lost weight here, but she's only in the press because of her weight.

Julianne Moore looks like she's lost a few.

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