Thursday, February 14, 2008

Random Fashion Post

Now this is the way to wear tights. Jaime Pressly can teach Lindsay Lohan a thing or two.

I hope Debra Messing is dressed this way for a movie role because she looks kinda stiff.

I love how Marcia Cross is dressed as if she has no time to really take care of herself instead of a big celebrity.

I'm not a fan of women in suits ever especially tall amazon ones like Uma Thurman.

Why is Rachel Bilson dressed like the 80s?

Amanda Bynes, what in the world are you wearing? Sarah Michelle Gellar Prinze - please eat something.

Where's Alex P. Keaton? Family Ties reunion.

Cindy Crawford reminds me of Heidi Klum in this outfit.

Is Hayden Pantierre Chinese now?

Besides the shoes, Mary Kate Olsen in her normal attire.

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